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Southampton Village’s Tuscan House To Change Into Gastro Pub

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author on Jan 2, 2017

One of Southampton Village’s most popular restaurants has closed down temporarily so the owner can change things up a bit.

Tuscan House, which is located at the corner of Windmill and Jobs lanes, closed its doors on January 1, and when it reopens in a few of weeks it will be called Jobs Lane Gastro Pub.

“After 13 years on the corner of Jobs & Windmill, Chef/Owner William Oster of Tuscan House is excited to bring a new concept to all of the loyal patrons and surrounding communities,” said a message on Tuscan House’s Facebook page December 21. “After an interior makeover, we will feature a new menu consisting of the best of Tuscan House and high quality Euro-American Pub Fare.”

Among the anticipated offerings are cuts of dry-aged beef and wild game meats, plus a “fine selection of international craft bottled beer and wines.”

Mr. Oster relocated Tuscan House from Riverhead to Southampton in 2005, after realizing that many of the customers who frequented the former location traveled from Southampton. When the opportunity came to grab the corner spot across from Agawam Park, Mr. Oster jumped at it.

Over the past 13 years, Mr. Oster offered his guests many different Italian dishes that were inspired by his trips to Italy. During those trips, he sought out the latest Italian fare, researching trends and recipes, and returning with the flavors of Florence, Sicily and Rome, and all the regions in between.

The restaurant, with fold-up glass walls on two sides of the dining room, appeared empty on Monday afternoon, without a table in sight.

Mr. Oster declined to comment on any of the changes this week, saying any new information can be found on social media.

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