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The Nuts And Bolts Of Chickens And Coops

authormy27east on Apr 7, 2014

Rachel Stephens said she spent about $100 on materials to build her henhouse and run, though many of the materials she used were recycled or reused. Pre-constructed coops can range from around $500 to $1,000, she said. However, henhouses can also be built from old sheds, dog houses, old construction materials or wood pallets, which greatly reduces the cost. Ms. Stephens recommended buying pine shavings or a material called diatomaceous earth for the bedding, which controls moisture and is safe for chickens to ingest. Those materials would cost about $15.

Once the chicken run and henhouse are complete, the monthly costs are mostly limited to feed. Conventional feed runs about $20 for a month’s supply, and organic is about $30. Ms. Stephens sells extra eggs to break even.

Erecting a chicken coop would require a building permit from all municipalities, and the coop would have to meet applicable setback requirements. Most municipalities also require a fenced-in pen. Southampton Village prohibits the raising of chickens, but can grant relief on a case-by-case basis.

With approval from the Planning Board, Sag Harbor Village allows no more than one chicken per 3,500 square feet of lot area, with a maximum of 18. Roosters are not allowed.

No special application is required in East Hampton Village, but noise regulations would rule out roosters.

Chickens are not regulated in Westhampton Beach. They are not permitted in the Village of Quogue. Sagaponack Village permits six chickens per 20,000 square feet of lot area with a maximum of 19; and no roosters. Coops may be no larger than 200 square feet and must be located in the rear yard at least 30 feet in from the property line.

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