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Tips To Transition Summer Decor Into Fall

authorErica Thompson on Sep 1, 2014

With summer drawing to a close, drawers once filled with bathing suits will soon be replaced with turtlenecks and cozy scarves, and flip-flops will take a backseat to leather boots and loafers.

A wardrobe swap isn’t the only thing due for a change with the imminent arrival of fall. Home décor once suited for breezy summer weather also deserves an autumn update, according to East Hampton-based interior designer Barbara Feldman, of Hamptons Interior Design.

“As the seasons change, we’re really more oriented to that inside, cozy feeling that replaces the outside atmosphere that comes with summertime,” she said. “I think people who live here year-round like change. If they didn’t, they’d go to Florida.”

And phasing out of a summer color palette or seasonal accents doesn’t have to be a drastic undertaking. Changing or adding home accessories, accent pieces and patio furniture are simple and inexpensive ways to welcome the elements of fall into a home.

Throw pillows in deep blues, greens and gold, as well as layering throw blankets, are easy and affordable ways to play up a fall color scheme, said Ms. Feldman.

“A spot of russet is reflective of the changing leaves, and it will add some contrast as well,” she added.

Bridgehampton-based interior designer and owner of The Design Studio Eugènia Au Kim said “Hermes orange” is another color that lends itself to transitioning from summer into fall.

“Pairing that with deep blues to reflect the ocean, which gets darker when the weather is cooler. I like to bring that in with a butter-squash color and adding a touch of black.”

Ms. Kim recommends trying black lampshades as an accent. She also said changing the rug can help bring an autumn-inspired atmosphere to a living space.

Swapping out a sisal rug—made of a woven, straw-like fabric—for a wool area rug can bring color and warmth into a room, she said.

“Slipcovers are another easy and inexpensive way to update an entire look,” said Ms. Feldman. “Choose a fabric that has a different color and texture than what you already have. Go from white cotton to a neutral beige or taupe in a soft, woven fabric, corduroy or, as the fall moves into winter, velvet or suede.”

Bringing in outdoor plants, both designers said, and on some occasions furniture, is another way to prep your home for the upcoming season while in the latter case adding some extra seating to a room.

“I actually like the idea of bringing in an oversized wicker chair,” said Ms. Kim. “It warms the space, softens it, especially when it’s paired with leather. I like the idea of coordinating all types of elements.”

Ms. Kim said outdoor wicker furniture—which she no longer refers to as “patio furniture” since so much of it is often “sophisticated and sculptural”—works particularly well in a den or breakfast room, especially on the East End.

“Out here, you really have that opportunity because everything is just more relaxed,” she said, comparing this area’s design aesthetic to that of Manhattan.

As for plants, Ms. Feldman said keeping herbs in vases is one way to obtain a “summer garden” feel even in cooler weather.

“I keep kale on my kitchen counter and it looks wonderful,” she said of using the leafy vegetable as a centerpiece.

“It’s not like you have to go out and buy all new furniture because it’s a different season,” she summed up. “A little bit of everything makes a big difference.”

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