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A Welcome Retreat

Kathryn G. Menu on Nov 22, 2019
Organized religion has faced an uphill battle over the last two decades: As the United States has become an increasingly secular society, many houses of worship nationwide ultimately shuttered their... more

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Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

GOLD STAR To Carolyn Munaco and a group of volunteers who went out early in the morning on a cold, rainy, blustery day to save horseshoe crabs that had been trapped while spawning at a beach in Hampton Bays. High water allowed the crabs safely onto the beach to lay eggs, but then the crabs found themselves blocked from returning to the water by an erosion control structure made of stone and wire. A “bucket brigade” of volunteers boosted the crabs up and over and back into the water. It was a great example of human beings causing a problem ... 21 May 2024 by Editorial Board

Moral Clarity

The Democratic primary in Congressional District 1 presents a choice between John Avlon, a well-known political journalist, and Nancy Goroff, a former State University of New York chemistry professor. Avlon has been quick to identify the most important issues. He highlights women’s reproductive rights and the affordability of life on Long Island as critical, but he repeatedly cites the need to protect democratic values and institutions as motivating his run for office. In contrast, his opponent began her race with an email about climate change that sounded like it was left over from her unsuccessful 2020 campaign. Though the topic ... 20 May 2024 by Staff Writer

Failure To Lead

The Village Board of Sagaponack recently signed a 55-year lease with a cellular phone tower company. The decision was made with no noted opposition, in just one meeting. The hearing was closed, and a 50-page contract was signed. Municipal governments are exempt from many of the demands that the individual faces when they go to improve, develop or even maintain their property. By way of example, when our farm applied to erect a deer fence on the 80-acre agricultural property immediately adjacent to the proposed tower site, we went through the extensive and lengthy process of petitioning the village for ... by Staff Writer

Unwavering Commitment

The pristine allure of eastern Long Island serves as a magnet for many who are drawn to the East End, and it is my hope that this allure endures through the ages. The region’s exquisite beaches, inviting woodlands that beckon outdoor enthusiasts, and vast open spaces that epitomize its rural charm are just a few of the treasures that demand careful preservation. Among the qualities I most admire about our mayor, Chris Fiore, is his unwavering commitment to safeguarding these cherished elements. With a keen eye for detail and a remarkable ability to envision what makes North Haven uniquely beautiful, ... by Staff Writer

Beware of Scams

This is to remind people of any age to beware of scammers. My husband and I are used to receiving phone calls and emails from all kinds of people and businesses with nefarious intent. When this happens, we hang up the phone or delete the email. I did, however, just fall for a scam via text. Someone I trust was asking for help with getting a surprise present and, as I had the time to help and am a sucker for surprises, I followed up. We texted back and forth. I purchased one of two Apple gift cards that were ... by Staff Writer

A Better Job

Thank you for the excellent coverage of my announcement about running for mayor of North Haven [“Roberts Will Challenge Fiore in North Haven Mayoral Race,” 27east.com, April 30]. As you reported, it was a spontaneous decision after attending the April trustees meeting. I am happy to report that, in the two weeks that I had to secure signatures to go on the June 18 ballot, my supporters and I collected signatures that surpassed the requirement by 70 percent and far exceeded the number collected by my opponent. Residents agree with me that decisions are being made that are not consistent ... by Staff Writer

Feature, Not a Bug

Here is what I would say to Edgar Papazian [“A Tourist Trinket,” Letters, May 16] if we chatted about it some more, and I hope we do. I think privileging one type of conversation over the other is reductive. The fact that we are having multiple conversations about Sag Harbor’s future is a feature, not a bug. Conversations about intractable issues being worked out in real-time in a community will take many shapes — including circular. The shape of a conversation has no bearing on its importance. Joe Shaw did an excellent job guiding the discussion at the Express Sessions ... by Staff Writer

Answers Needed

Today, I received an email from Congressman Nick LaLota telling me that he recently returned from his fourth trip to America’s southwest border. He went on to say that the border situation is a mess and that President Joe Biden can help secure the border by issuing executive orders. I have a few questions for Representative LaLota: Why didn’t you support the recent bipartisan immigration legislation that would have improved the situation at the border? Did you not support the aforementioned bipartisan legislation because Donald Trump told Republican members of Congress not to support it? (Trump said it because it ... by Staff Writer

Apply to All?

The Southampton Press article on rules of conduct for the advisory committees [“Southampton Town Board Tables Vote on Advisory Committee Rules of Conduct,” 27east.com, May 15], stating that all members agree to be respectful of each other, etc., and failure of a committee member to abide by such rules shall be grounds for removal of said member — interesting, it’s only for citizens advisory committee members and not politicians. New York State Senator Kevin Parker had to be restrained after he flipped out and shoved a lobbyist in a committee room on May 15. I wonder if he will be ... by Staff Writer

Celebrate Juneteenth

June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden signed into law a bill to make Juneteenth, or June 19, the 11th federal holiday. The House of Representatives voted, 415-14, to send the bill to Biden, while the Senate passed the bill unanimously the day before, making Juneteenth the first to obtain legal observance as a federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was designated in 1983. But let’s start from the beginning. President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, as the nation approached its third year of a bloody Civil War. The proclamation declared “that all persons ... by Staff Writer