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Devoted to Cause

The adage “Rome was not built in a day” rings as true now as ever, reminding us that achieving quality outcomes requires time and dedication. With this principle in mind, I’d like to shed light on the initiatives being spearheaded by our mayor, Chris Fiore.

Several months ago, I was approached about the possibility of accessing maps that my mother, Dolores McNamara, may have maintained detailing the existing trails on North Haven. Though I was unable to locate this specific material, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism. It was yet another indication of Chris’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the natural allure of our beloved island.

Despite his relatively short time in office, Chris has tirelessly devoted himself to this cause. The progress he has made is remarkable, and it’s exciting to envision the future of North Haven under his continued leadership.

With two more years, and, hopefully, beyond, Chris has the opportunity to further elevate our community, ensuring that its unique charm endures for generations to come.

Donna Issenberg

North Haven