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Editorial: A Time To Remember

Editorial Board on Jul 2, 2020
There is no sugar-coating it: The Class of 2020 got ripped off. There was no prom, no senior skip day, none of the anticipation and celebration of a traditional graduation... more

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Promises Kept

News of a link between a cold case 1993 murder in North Sea to the infamous Gilgo Beach serial killer earlier this month left the local community shocked that the heinous killing spree that has made international headlines extended to what was, at the time, a pretty remote corner of Southampton Town. While it doesn’t appear that the murder took place here — prosecutors are speculating that the body of Sandra Costilla was dumped in the woods near Old Fish Cove Road on November 20, 1993, after she was killed elsewhere — the idea that suspected killer Rex Heuermann appears ... 19 Jun 2024 by Editorial Board

No Bad Guys

If it’s not too late — though it probably is — it might offer some perspective to remember exactly what the Southampton Town Board decision on June 11, involving Liberty Gardens, really was: The board merely declined to change the existing zoning on a property. It was not a monumental decision in that regard, nor does it bear quite the philosophical significance it has been assigned by the disappointed developer, Concern Housing. It was, in fact, a much less dynamic choice than if the board had voted in favor. Yes, the Town Board had seemed to be moving toward allowing ... by Editorial Board

Trial and Error

Sag Harbor Village officials have a conundrum on their hands when it comes to parking — a small village with limited space, and incredible demand in season — but should get full credit for pursuing some creative strategies to find a workable plan. There are two parts of the problem: How do you manage spaces for visitors and shoppers to be accommodated on a rolling basis throughout the day? And what about all the people who work at village businesses, catering to those visitors and shoppers? Paid parking can be used for the first purpose — the trick is finding ... by Editorial Board

Bridging the Gap

This past Memorial Day, I attended a solemn and respectful service at the Hampton Bays American Legion honoring the ultimate sacrifice made by members of our armed forces. After the services, I came across John Avlon mixing with the attendees at a fine luncheon that was offered in the hall downstairs. For me, Democrats in general check the boxes of what I want to see in a congressional candidate. Of course, I expect my candidate to support women’s reproductive rights, voting rights, climate change initiatives, the freedom to express love however is natural to you, and, most importantly, our democracy ... 18 Jun 2024 by Staff Writer

What Is Missing

Overwhelming — an overwhelming misstatement of the facts, that is. In this week’s Sag Harbor Express coverage of the debates [“Two Incumbents Meet Two Challengers in Sag Harbor Debate,” 27east.com, June 12], the article recapped a question from the audience asking for village trustee candidates’ views of creating a historic district for the historically Black communities of Azurest, Sag Harbor Hills and Ninevah. The Sag Harbor Village Board members generally agreed that the matter was settled with an “overwhelming number of people from the communities opposing the idea.” They alluded to the village providing the communities with zoning overlay district ... by Staff Writer


I am writing this letter in support of John Avlon for U.S. Congress and urge all District 1 Democrats to vote for him in the upcoming primary. Our nation is at a crossroads and every vote will count as never before. As Democrats, we face an easy choice on June 25. Our pick needs to be smart and knowledgeable about how governing gets done. They need to be decent, honest, hardworking and persevering. Most important of all, they must be electable and have the heart and charisma required to beat Nick LaLota and help the Democrats take back the House. ... by Staff Writer

Hold To Account

Strong opposition to the blighted Liberty Gardens housing development continued until moments before finally being voted down by the Town Board [“Southampton Town Board Denies Zone Change for Liberty Gardens,” 27east.com, June 12]. Petitions with over 500 signatures were handed over before the vote, to be added to the thousands on file. Within minutes of the vote, the ego- and money-driven developer was threatening lawsuits and sanctimoniously castigating anyone who opposed his plans with desecrating the memories of the veterans who died at Normandy. Echoing him was his factotum, Tommy John Schiavoni. Their insistence on omitting uncomfortable truths, framing issues ... by Staff Writer

What If?

Here’s a question for my Democratic friends: What if Donald Trump wins in November? What if? I’ll tell you what if. Should Donald Trump regain the White House, it will be absolutely vital, even existential, for Democrats to control Congress. Here in our 1st Congressional District, we have a great opportunity along that line. The current congressman is Republican Nick LaLota, a career politician who has only held the office for one term. He votes the straight MAGA line, all the way. The seat is winnable. Democrats have John Avlon, historian, author and journalist, who just left CNN as a ... by Staff Writer

Principled Compromise

I am writing to encourage Democrats to vote for John Avlon in the upcoming congressional primary on Tuesday, June 25. Voters also can vote early, this week, in local early voting locations. This is a critical primary. Anyone who’s read one of John’s books, watched him on TV or heard him speak throughout our district knows his unwavering faith in American democracy and leadership. Like most people I’ve come to know out here, John’s a common-sense Long Islander. He knows that representing all of our district in Congress is an exercise in principled compromise, unlike so many today — on ... by Staff Writer

Tool of Propagandists

Unfortunately, the campus unrest from anti-Israeli and antisemitic students and faculties at our elite universities has not abated with the end of classes. In our cities, and especially in New York City, the home to over one million Jews, the anarchy in the streets continues, and with it the lies that they are built on. Ignorance is not a crime in itself until it masquerades as self-righteousness. Such are the times we live in. I’d like to offer a few facts to help the uninformed be aware of some truths. Israel is occupying Palestinian land: False. There was never a ... by Staff Writer