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Editorial: An Uncertain Autumn

Editorial Board on Jul 2, 2020
Over the course of the last week, families with children in prekindergarten, kindergarten, fifth, eighth and 12th grades all celebrated graduation, and students began preparing to embark on new journeys... more

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Who Is Our Navalny?

The murder of Alexei Navalny by Vladimir Putin exposes the bestiality of power unchecked. Putin pushes his murders into the political faces of nations freer than his. He sends his assassins, armed with his signature poison, to violate political sovereignty and hard-won laws respectful of human life and political dissidence. Putin: a little bureaucratic functionary puffed up by lies, corruption, servility and unquestioned power. Putin: freed up to kill, wage territorial wars, create chaos. Putin: venerated by Donald Trump. Putin: a war monger publicly lauded by a former president of this country. Donald Trump: ignoramus and American psychopath, basking in ... 19 Feb 2024 by Staff Writer

The Moderate Way

For the past eight years, some Americans have become infatuated with the notion that unhinged, extreme people have something to offer the American political system. Some voters have believed that these politicians, full of anger and scare tactics, would shake up the system and the changes they promise would make everything better. It appears that these same voters are waking up and realizing that is not true at all. Unhinged people are exactly that: unhinged. They make a mess. They promote havoc and create chaos. They solve nothing and generally create problems. The choice that New York voters from the ... by Staff Writer

The Socks Can Wait

I really have better things to do than to respond to reader Ed Surgan’s letters to these pages. But his latest missive [“Unequal Treatment,” Letters, February 15] is so full of inaccuracies that I cannot help myself. I will just have to sort my socks on another day. Writing about the treatment that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have received regarding their mishandling of classified government documents, Mr. Surgan claims that President Trump has been unfairly prosecuted. This would be true if both men had committed the same misdeeds. However, their shortcomings are not in the least ... by Staff Writer

The Real Preference

Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to as an independent voter with regard to people who are coming out of the woodwork now saying they have to support Donald Trump because he’s better than Joe Biden, when they have been sitting quietly on their hands for the past three years knowing that they can’t defend the indefensible actions of Trump leading up to January 6, his actions and inactions on that day, and his relentless efforts to avoid accountability in the aftermath. Nor can they defend his continuing behavior. He has done nothing but undermine civility and confidence in the integrity ... by Staff Writer

Refuting Hyperbole

Reader Ed Surgan again shows his blatant disregard of the facts while trying to push his political agenda [“Unequal Treatment,” Letters, February 15]. From the very start of his letter (“Joe Biden was found guilty ...”), we find Mr. Surgan to be factually incorrect. No guilty finding was made by special counsel Robert K. Hur or any court of law. Mr. Hur, in fact, concludes that “the few classified documents found in Mr. Biden’s Senate papers were there by mistake” (page 325). Mr. Surgan next turns his attention to former President Donald Trump and tries to alibi his actions regarding ... by Staff Writer

A Haiku Challenge

Participants in Poets Rising, which meets monthly at the Hampton Bays Library, were recently given the challenge to write a haiku, a poem of three lines with a five/seven/five syllable pattern. A selection were submitted for publication: Sunlight permeates green leaves making them appear as translucent gems Lorna Copolla Mastic Icicles trickle ripples on a thawing pond herald winter’s end Diane Morelli Hampton Bays Lackluster goddess seeks nonabrasive polish to rebuff her shine Jackie Moss East Quogue A threat to mankind COVID-19 isolates benefits humans Richard Greene Hampton Bays by Staff Writer

Trojan Horse

John Neely’s letter “Blatant Politics” [February 15] was disingenuous and clearly blatant politics. To blame Republicans and Donald Trump for the current border crisis is beyond ridiculous. President Joe Biden created this problem the day he was sworn in when he reversed most of President Trump’s executive orders regarding the border. Mainly, the “stay in Mexico” policy. Under the current administration, over 8 million undocumented migrants have entered our nation, and now most of our cities are in crisis mode. Not to mention how many new gang members entered and are now recruiting. The bipartisan bill never had a chance ... by Staff Writer

Making Dreams

It is a cold evening tonight. However, as I am curled up in comfort with my cat at my feet, I feel the desire to respond to an article in this paper that I read this afternoon [“Noyac Couple Recounts Aid Trip to Arizona Border,” 27east.com, January 30]. This article brought up many feelings, as I so related to it. My sister, Kathleen Werner of Sag Harbor, and myself spent two and a half weeks in April 2019 at the border in El Paso, Texas, doing much of the same work. We volunteered with Annunciation House, an agency that has ... by Staff Writer

Shameful Vote

As I now live in Manorville (2nd Congressional District), Andrew Garbarino is my U.S. representative. Today, I wrote to him and expressed my displeasure with his shameful and cowardly vote to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. There are no impeachable offenses. Congressman Garbarino promises to deliver “real results” for Long Island. I told him that real results would be signing into law an immigration bill that also would improve things at the border. The Senate crafted a strong immigration bill with Republican backing. Then, Donald Trump said that he wants to run on the immigration issue — he ... by Staff Writer

Spectacular Event

I would like to sincerely thank the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce, led by Ellen Dioguardi, for making this year’s Sag Harbor HarborFrost such a huge success. I, and all who attended, so appreciate all of your efforts in planning, organizing and executing every aspect of this event flawlessly. You all went above and beyond in making it such an awesome day. I especially loved the kickoff cocktail party the night before at the Sag Harbor Cinema’s Green Room, with scrumptious food so generously presented by several Sag Harbor restaurants. Charles Canavan led a super-fun culinary stroll with a live ... by Staff Writer