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Editorial: Celebrating Our History

Kathryn G. Menu on Jan 15, 2020
As Sag Harbor Village continues to be a regional epicenter for redevelopment, perhaps now, more than ever, understanding the history of the village — a history that has defined its... more

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Ship to Shore

Sag Harbor is a great American small town, so it’s no surprise that tourists flock to the village in the summer — or that American Cruise Lines, a Connecticut-based small ship travel provider, has identified it as a great stop for a “Yankee Seaports” cruise between Boston and New York, set to begin next year. The negative impact of cruise ships on so many port cities around the world might well give pause. But it’s important to keep the proposal in perspective: The ships contain about 100 passengers, and while there are a few summer dates included, most of the ... 19 Sep 2023 by Editorial Board

Take a Shot

While it may feel to a majority of the population that the long nightmare that was the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the disease continued to rear its head this summer with a spike in infection rates and increased hospitalization numbers that could worsen this fall. It’s a reminder that, as a society, we’ll most likely never be done with the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus, in some form or another. Just like with its cousins, the influenza viruses that cause the annual seasonal flu outbreaks, care to prevent infection always will be necessary. That most likely translates into an annual COVID vaccination, ... by Editorial Board

Real Solutions Needed

Housing on the South Fork is at critical mass. The price of homes has outpaced the affordability of our local working families, and year-round rentals are expensive, far and few between. Many families unable to find year-round rentals, only have to settle for winter rentals. Then, every summer, there are stories of families moving in with parents to live in their childhood bedrooms, impromptu basement or garage apartments and campers at their parents’ homes. Now come plans by Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to house migrants here in Suffolk County ... by Staff Writer

It’s Ironic

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is interested in opening an impeachment inquiry into the international financial activities of the Biden family to determine if the former vice president had participated directly or indirectly. This House-managed investigation is required to get bank records of activity that has been withheld to date. There were over 70 incidents of notifications by these banks to the U.S. Treasury that were flagged as potential money laundering transactions. We know that Biden family members were the beneficiaries of millions of dollars of distributions to and from myriad shell companies that actually offered no goods or services in ... 18 Sep 2023 by Staff Writer

Eyes Wide Open

I want to remind you that we are approaching a critical election, and your participation has never been more important. There are so many issues we face nationally and locally that your vote is needed even more than usual. What are some of the issues? You know the national issues. Locally, the issues are quality-of-life issues. Here are just a few: Water quality. This is critical to our health. We must be certain that we assure the quality and pureness of water for our own homes and for our village. Our villages have spent a good deal on this effort, ... by Staff Writer

One Genre?

As a performer and singer-songwriter in the area for over 30 years, I am often asked the question: “Will you be participating in the Sag Harbor Music Festival this year?” In 2015, my band Europa was featured on the cover of the program, and we performed on the small stage near The American Hotel. For a decade, I played in whatever venue I was assigned, bringing my own sound system and handling setup and breakdown, much as I do for my own gigs. This year, I respectfully requested to be placed on one of the festival stages rather than in ... by Staff Writer

Vigorous Review Needed

In two recent editorials [“Too Many Questions,” September 14; “It Takes a Village,” August 17] and in two related news articles, The Express has thoughtfully drawn together a discussion of the first of a number of related or interconnected potential development properties that will challenge Sag Harbor to its core. The first property, already the subject of a formal building application, is the latest Adam Potter proposal for a multi-use development on five parcels he controls on Bridge and Rose streets. The other prospective proposals might well come singly or in tandem from 2 Main Street (the QPasa Building) and/or ... by Staff Writer

Wind Energy Is Critical

I thought we’d be able to dodge the bullet of the still giant and powerful dregs of Hurricane Lee. But despite our missing a direct hit, the Town of Southampton had to declare a state of emergency to prevent an ocean breach into Shinnecock Bay in Hampton Bays caused by washover from the storm. Here it is, Climate Week, when we’ll hear yet again how the window available to avert the worst of climate change is narrowing precipitously. We’re the direct recipients of more ferocious storms, rising waters and heavier rainstorms. Let’s not succumb to feelings of inevitable doom. There ... by Staff Writer

Elect Democrats

Wildfires, hurricanes, heat, rising seas, floods, drought, melting ice caps — the consequences of global warming are here. We have one chance to tackle these challenges: reduce carbon emissions by transitioning away from polluting fossil fuels to an economy powered by renewable energy sources. But that time is right now. The Republican Party is an obstacle to environmental change. Even in the face of disasters, their national climate plan, Project 2025, calls for more drilling, increased use of fossil fuels and less money for clean energy. In last month’s Republican presidential primary debate, no candidate raised their hand when asked ... by Staff Writer

Too Many Questions

It has been a long three years in the Village of Sag Harbor. As residents and their elected officials tried to balance a growing interest in the village as a world class summer tourist destination and the need to preserve its nationally recognized historic character, the village was stuck in neutral. Major zoning changes proposed in 2019 to the village’s essential waterfront district were rolled back substantially in the face of stiff community opposition; that led to a divisive mayoral election, a change in leadership and a new direction. As that was playing out, in late 2020, as the world ... 12 Sep 2023 by Editorial Board