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Editorial: Of Critical Importance

Editorial Board on Jan 16, 2019
When Trustee Aiden Corish reported at the Sag Harbor Village Board meeting on January 8 that the state had rejected the village’s application for a consolidated grant of $2.5 million... more

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Silent No More

Life as teenager can be stressful and difficult, filled with angst, uncertainty and anxiety. For many teens today on the East End, those fears and concerns can be amplified. Most teens stress about grades, romantic relationships, disagreements with their parents. But some also worry about whether there’s going to be a roof over their heads or enough food to eat. Others struggle with eating disorders and drugs. Some are victims of sexual assault. For still others, life has become so difficult that they may have contemplated suicide. Until last year, local teens may have suffered in silence, not knowing how ... 6 Dec 2023 by Editorial Board

Go Public

Surprising no one, at the conclusion of its review of the Long Island Power Authority, the state legislative commission on the future of LIPA last month recommended that LIPA be transformed into a public power utility. LIPA owns Long Island’s electrical grid. But instead of operating, maintaining and expanding the grid itself, LIPA contracts with Public Service Enterprise Group, a for-profit company based in New Jersey. Prior to 2014, LIPA contracted with National Grid. Both partnerships have proven to be disastrous for Long Island — and the switch to PSEG has not delivered “the best technical ability and the lowest ... by Editorial Board

Important Vote

Historically, fire district elections across the state have very low turnout — almost none outside the members of the fire department. Let’s change that. The Bridgehampton Fire District elections are scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, between 6 and 9 p.m., at the Bridgehampton Fire Department. Come to the Bridgehampton Firehouse and vote. If you live in Bridgehampton, Sagaponack, Wainscott or Water Mill, you may well live in the Bridgehampton Fire District. Absentee ballots are available if you are out of town on December 12. The restrictions are more onerous than New York State’s absentee ballot rules, but it is an ... 5 Dec 2023 by Staff Writer

Logical Line

A recent Letter to the Editor by the Very Reverend Abraham A.J. Miller [“Fighting Our Fight,” Letters, November 23] reminds us of past historical commitments and makes the case that Ukraine is fighting our fight against Russia, and U.S. funding of the war should be continued. I would like to expand on that history and demonstrate that Joe Biden’s proxy war could have been avoided had numerous historical grievances and warnings been heeded by the administration. In 1990, U.S. Secretary of State James Baker made verbal commitments on how NATO troops would utilize the territory of former East Germany under ... 4 Dec 2023 by Staff Writer

Even Simpler

I have to admit I was flattered that Ken Dorph, the Mideast expert, responded to my Letter to the Editor [“Build Bridges,” Letters, November 30]. He literally spent three paragraphs qualifying that he is an expert, despite the fact that he’s really clearly a antisemite. Ken accuses me of being a racist because my position is that Hamas is a terrorist organization that slaughtered innocent civilians, yet he never addresses the issue. He additionally claims that Benjamin Netanyahu never wanted a two-state solution and conspired to have Hamas as a leading power vs. Yassar Arafat. I’d like to remind our ... by Staff Writer

Remember the Selfless

Many, many thanks are due to the 16-plus personnel who responded to an emergency call on Eastville Avenue late Thanksgiving afternoon. The time frame must certainly have taken place just as they were about to sit down to dinner. The dedication of the men and women who frequently interrupt their own lives to help out others at a stressful time is truly amazing, and we are fortunate to live in such a caring community. Thank God no one was injured and the event itself was relatively minor compared to what could have been. As donation time rolls around, keep in ... by Staff Writer


There comes a time within some lives, When sparrows fall and voices fail, And all that is, or ever was, Holds not one single claim to what will be. For twenty-six, and those who cherished them, that day has come. To steal the promise of a morrow they will never see. It was but a school. A place for learning nursery rhymes. A springboard to the finer things. A haven for the callow of our towns. With violent rage meant mostly for the innocent and young, A monster tore from them the joy of youth and life That is the ... by Staff Writer

Lights Out

Sag Harbor, what happened to our beautiful Parisian street lamps? We now look like an LED Florida subdivision. How sad for our historic village. I hope they saved the frosted panels I saw them removing. Laurie Wiltshire Sag Harbor by Staff Writer

Permanent Damage?

Today’s headlines covering the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations across the country in cities and on many a campus are eerily reminiscent of my youth in the late 1960s. Anti-Vietnam sentiment divided us who were being conscripted to prosecute a war we didn’t fully understand, and a generation of parents who trusted the government that brought them through World War II. As it turned out, both parties were naive, but the passion by us to not sacrifice ourselves in a dubious conflict that did not threaten our national security was justifiable. When I compare the motivation driving those demonstrations with this generation’s ... by Staff Writer

The Last Word

In context, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that the Montaukett Nation, earlier this month, was once again disappointed when its bid for state recognition as a Native American nation was scuttled by a veto by Governor Kathy Hochul. After all, it was the fifth time a form of the legislation was vetoed — the second time by Hochul, and three earlier times by her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo. Sure, the State Assembly and State Senate had both approved the legislation this year, unanimously, but the veto still wasn’t really a surprise. But that’s not the context that matters. What’s important ... 28 Nov 2023 by Editorial Board