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Editorial: Equal for All

Editorial Board on Jan 30, 2020
There has been much clamoring recently about changes enacted last month to the state’s criminal justice system, most notably the elimination of cash bail for many defendants changed with nonviolent... more

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Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

Gold Star: Several of them, in fact, after an agreement in Albany finally will put in place long-overdue protection for historic burial sites. It’s hard to imagine that unmarked graves — whether they hold the remains of early settlers, war casualties or Native Americans — had no such protection until the moment Governor Kathy Hochul earned her star by adding her signature to the legislation. State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. gets a star, too, for doggedly pursuing a measure he has said is about “justice and healing,” particularly among Indigenous people. And big stars for the Shinnecock Graves Protection ... 24 May 2023 by Editorial Board

A Clear Path Needed

Seems like unless we are native to Paumanok, we have immigrated to what is now called Long Island. My grandparents on my mother’s side arrived to New York from Ireland in 1913, escaping from labor disputes, violence and a fallen economy due to English colonization. My great-grandparents on my father’s side arrived in the 1800s, reportedly escaping the potato famine; the “Great Hunger” killed about 1 million people and sent many survivors off to new lands in hopes that they could be saved. As did millions of immigrants, my mother’s parents dispersed to the outer boroughs of New York during ... 23 May 2023 by Staff Writer

A Little History

The recent discussion of the management of the village’s open spaces [“Express Sessions Explores Sag Harbor’s Green Spaces,” 27east.com, May 17] was quite wide-ranging. It would have benefited from inclusion of history on two sites, Cilli Farm and Havens Beach. Cilli Farm was acquired with the specific intent that it remain an unmanaged or “unimproved” open space. It is available to anyone who wants to explore it, and I recommend doing so in the winter with a dog — they get introduced to smells that are not available in the rest of the village. Development in any form, including adding ... by Staff Writer

Pleasure of a New Park

We are deeply grateful to all the voters who turned out for the school vote [“Marsden Street Purchase Proposition Fails by 75 Votes,” 27east.com, May 16]. We’re not only happy for the outcome of Proposition 2 but also pleased that the school budget and tech reserve fund were approved. There’s been a lot of talk about “going high and going low” and “misinformation,” all of which easily slips into name-calling. We want to emphasize here that neither side opposed the operating budget or tech fund. Although both sides have different visions of where some school funds should be spent, we ... 22 May 2023 by Staff Writer

Seek To Understand

Whatever happens with this Marsden vote, I’ll be happy to move on. Did we forget that it’s okay to disagree without being disagreeable? Running our schools is a complex endeavor. The board members are volunteers. They spent countless (thankless) hours in meetings, reading reports, hearing reports and synthesizing a large volume of information to help prioritize the needs of our school system. The meetings are public. Anyone can attend and be heard. If someone is passionate about a need they perceive is not being met, they can get involved on one of the many board committees: wellness, finance, facilities planning, ... by Staff Writer

Meaningful Action

I have recently become aware of the Shinnecock Indian Nation’s efforts to gain access to Coopers Beach in the Village of Southampton. Allowing access should be pursued without hesitation. It would represent a small gesture of acknowledgment and symbolically address the injustices suffered by their people. I am aware that Shinnecock land once extended to present-day Sag Harbor. Could our village take a proactive stance and provide the Shinnecock Indian Nation with access to our village beaches? This simple yet meaningful action is something that the Village of Sag Harbor can immediately undertake. Rory McEvoy Sag Harbor by Staff Writer

Guided by Values

I found the letter “False Narrative” [May 18] a clear example of why politics and friendships are divided. Ed Surgan’s premise is that he is losing friends because of his Republican views — but then puts forth a rant blaming Democrats for the divide. He claims that Democrats “govern in group-think” and then uses as examples Democrats debating policy and the Biden presidency. “Group-think” is when an idea is agreed upon without debate or discussion of alternatives. The Democratic Party is a big tent party, where different ideas, philosophies and people come together to forge policy — we spend hours ... by Staff Writer

Two Options

Regarding the failure of either the Southampton Town Community Preservation Fund with the Sag Harbor School District or the school district on its own to effect a purchase of the Marsden Street sites next to the school, what if either: The school organizes a revote. This time, the proposal would address the obvious fears of many community members (with and without children). It would do this by including funding for an independent feasibility study to assess the site from standpoints of both the economic and environmental costs of excavating. If there were a “yes” vote for a proposal with the ... by Staff Writer

Support Appreciated

As president of the Sag Harbor Historical Museum, I am sending our deepest thanks to the Village of Sag Harbor for endorsing Proposition 4 for our support. Nancy French Achenbach Sag Harbor by Staff Writer

Just Right

On Thursday, May 25 — just in time for Memorial Day weekend, and thus the start of “the season” — the ribbon will be cut on John Steinbeck Waterfront Park, the newest green space in Sag Harbor Village. The park’s steady transformation, at the direction of landscape architect Ed Hollander, will be largely complete, and a new public space officially will become part of the fabric of Sag Harbor. Mayor Jim Larocca noted last week, at an Express Sessions event in Sag Harbor focused on the village’s public spaces, that the village’s modern economy is based on “tourism, recreation and ... 16 May 2023 by Editorial Board