Editorial: For Mayor - 27 East


Editorial: For Mayor

Editorial Board on Jun 13, 2019
It is impossible for local government leaders to please everyone and they should certainly not try. There always will be divergent and varied opinions on most issues and, in Sag... more

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The Gridlock Problem

The current friction on the Sag Harbor Village Board may provide one small benefit: It’s going to put any idea through a wringer to see if it can hold up to close scrutiny. Take the idea of a roundabout. The Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee is exploring the idea of a roundabout at the busy intersection of Main Street and Jermain Avenue, at the entrance to Mashashimuet Park. It might dovetail into Suffolk County plans to make the north end of the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike more pedestrian-friendly and safer. But Village Board member Aidan Corish raised an excellent point: ... 24 Jul 2024 by Editorial Board

Get Off the List

Publishing a list of the top residential water users on the South Fork each summer has become a tradition for The Express News Group. It’s an unenviable list to be on and was given the name “Water Hogs of the Hamptons” with the express purpose of getting under the skin of the homeowners who use as much as 100 times the amount of water as the average household, perhaps influencing them to rein in their water use. Despite the misconception that the Suffolk County Water Authority puts out this list annually, “Water Hogs” is this organization’s initiative, using data obtained ... by Editorial Board


On July 15, my husband was powerwalking along Route 114 at 11:30 a.m. when he collapsed from heat stroke. A woman, or, I should say, an angel, stopped her car and loaded a bloodied, almost unconscious person into her car so that he wouldn’t get hit by oncoming traffic. She called 911 and waited until the ambulance arrived. She then tracked me down in the Long Beach parking lot and escorted me to the ambulance. In my total fear and shock, I did not even get her name so that I could give her the proper thank you for possibly ... 22 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer

Compliant Messaging

Paula Angelone, another useful tool of the Trump derangement syndrome-afflicted, railed against Donald Trump’s perceived violent rhetoric of the past as a sorry excuse for the assassination attempt last week [“American Landscape,” Letters, July 18]. Claiming “violence begets violence,” she claims that his words at Charlottsville, Virginia, and later on January 6 openly supported violence. Never bothering to read or research the full transcripts of what transpired at those events, she parrots the edited talking points of those events like any loyal sycophant. Trump categorically condemned the white supremacists that day. He said, “But you also had people that were ... by Staff Writer

Dear Leader

Kudos to whoever decided to devote a half page (!) in last week’s edition to some stunningly deep investigative reporting! To wit: A part-time resident of Sag Harbor, who doubles as a full-time anchor on the dear leader TV network, shared his opinion that we “might have to live another 100 years before you are able to capture how dramatic” was the moment when the dear leader lumbered onto the stage to bask in the glow of the first of four days of unbridled adoration from his loyal followers [“Bill Hemmer Reports From the Front Lines of the Republican National ... by Staff Writer

A Showman

I was amused to read last week’s Letters to the Editor by Bill Jones [“End the Bias”], Thomas Jones [“Abject Failure”], Ed Surgan [“Sky Isn’t Falling”], and John Porta [“Bleak Alternative]. If you believe their words and statistics then you would have to believe that Joe Biden was the worst president we’ve ever had (a distinction actually given to former President Donald Trump), not to mention the most corrupt. It’s quite laughable, but it’s the extremes to which people who need to justify Trump’s candidacy must go. They must trash, distort and exaggerate his opponent’s policies and behavior in order ... by Staff Writer

Unfit for Office

As an independent voter, I have been very frustrated, like many, about the candidates being offered by the Democrats and Republicans for the presidency come November, as both to me appeared unfit for office. One’s weaknesses became increasingly clear as the debilitating effects of age became apparent to all in the recent debate. The other candidate has shown his lack of fitness on numerous occasions, most clearly by his actions leading up to January 6, 2021, his despicable actions and inactions on that day, and his behavior in the aftermath. Now, one party has dealt with their unfit candidate. The ... by Staff Writer

Convention Reinvention

By now, Joe Biden’s age is just something he can’t run from. Even before the debate disaster, a majority of Americans thought he was far too old to run again. Now that everyone’s fully awake to the futility of an 82-year-old president, let’s use that attention to create a galvanizing Democratic National Convention. Prior to the convention, Biden must release all his delegates. Then, new potential candidates should be vetted by the Democratic National Committee. On the morning of day one, all potential candidates for president address the convention. At the end of the day, there’s a roll call vote ... by Staff Writer

Blame and Shame

In the aftermath of the Donald Trump assassination attempt, many elected officials echoed President Joe Biden’s call for unity and for lowering the temperature with respect to political rhetoric. However, there have been some notable exceptions. Most glaring is Trump’s vice president nominee, J.D. Vance. On Saturday, shortly after the shooting incident, Vance said: “The central premise of the Biden campaign is that President Trump is an authoritarian fascist who must be stopped at all costs. That rhetoric led directly to President Trump’s attempted assassination.” Well, the shooter was a 20-year-old registered Republican. His motive for shooting at Trump is ... by Staff Writer

Close to Home

This is an editorial, but the Editorial Board has given me the chance to write a personal message, one that we all endorse but filtered through my personal experience. You see, Butler, Pennsylvania, is my hometown — near enough, at least, that my high school years were spent in a house just 10 miles from the Big Butler Fairgrounds, where I attended the annual fair there, and the frequent Jaycees’ haunted houses around Halloween, which I once believed were the most terrifying thing that could be experienced on that site. I had a couple of old friends in that crowd ... 17 Jul 2024 by Joseph P. Shaw