Editorial: For State Senate - 27 East


Editorial: For State Senate

Editorial Board on Oct 28, 2020
For the first time since 1977, the 1st District will not be represented in the State Senate by Kenneth LaValle, who is retiring after a legendary career. That puts a... more

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Suffering in Silence

When our world gets out of balance, we lose our comfort and security. Too much or too little of anything spikes our fear, and we lose our sense of peace. Those who have what they want and need are comfortable. Some fear losing it, opposing what they believe will put their comfort at risk, whether, in reality, it will or will not. Those without the things they want and need struggle to find it. They often suffer in silence, hoping that someone will notice and take the common sense steps to make things better. If the community doesn’t, they often ... 22 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer

Dates of Infamy

September 11 and October 7, similar dates of infamy for strong allies with similarly divergent reactions. Now gathered mobs of protesters are cheering on those who cry “Death to America” and call for the complete annihilation and genocide of the victims who are now seeking to destroy those who originally unleashed those horrendous attacks. This is the America today. College campuses throughout the U.S. are railing against Israel in support of Hamas while some adorn themselves in Palestinian head dress. Protesters are burning the American flag while the college administrators, leaders and professors struggle with the proper course of action ... by Staff Writer

Positive Commentary

Regarding Stephen Kotz’s April 18 article on the North Haven budget approval [“In a Split Vote, North Haven Village Board Approves 9 Percent Spending Hike, While Holding Tax Rate Steady With Use of Surplus Funds” 27east.com, April 16], he cited all the residents who spoke at the hearing. All, except for me. I spoke, yet my comments were unreferenced in the paper. I have encountered omissions by Stephen Kotz in the past when fellow residents and I attended public hearings and meetings and expressed support for the North Haven Village government. Our commentaries were never published. Perhaps they weren’t juicy ... by Staff Writer

Your Voice

On June 25, registered Democrats will go to the ballot box to determine who will represent their ticket for New York’s 1st Congressional District. Although CD1 has recently been held by Republicans, both parties have assumed leadership over the years. With the district almost evenly split between Democrats, Republicans and independents, CD1 is a competitive, battleground district. Choosing a capable, dynamic, centrist Democrat is critical if the Dems hope to appeal to the many divergent views in CD1. John Avlon is such a candidate. Primary elections may be even more critical within our current polarized political environment. Unfortunately, low voter ... by Staff Writer

Gratuitous Swipe

I’m writing in response to a letter by Craig Catalanotto [“What Are We Doing?” Letters, April 18], with specific reference to his gratuitous and irrational swipe at Southampton Town Councilman Tommy John Schiavoni. Mr. Catalanotto, a Southampton Town Planning Board member, expresses reservations about multifamily affordable housing, based principally on considerations of tax revenue and traffic, alleging that it results in too little of the former and too much of the latter. So far, so questionable. I don’t claim to know whether Mr. Catalanotto’s general complaints in this regard are based on fact or not, but I do know an ... by Staff Writer

Find a Place

Canio’s Books is a part of our village we cannot afford to lose. We need to search for a new, affordable home for the store, where we have been finding books for years, where we have heard friends give readings, where I gave a reading years ago when my first book was published. If you have lived in Sag Harbor as long as I have, you will remember Canio running the store and Nelson Algren settled into the comfortable armchair. And if you moved to Sag Harbor in the last year or so, you probably remember the Moby Dick Marathon, ... by Staff Writer

Tired Cliches

I read with interest the opinion piece, April 18, by Tom Clavin [“From Camelot to COVID,” The Road Yet Taken, Opinion, April 18]. I do not know Mr. Clavin’s work, but I do know Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, his policies, and several of his books. It was unfortunate that Mr. Clavin used tired cliches and untruths about Mr. Kennedy on his medical freedom views, totally ignoring his positions on climate, war, the border and the middle class. Mr. Clavin used Mr. Kennedy as bait for his history piece, but your readers should note that Mr. Kennedy is the only ... by Staff Writer

Perennial Love

Once again, Trustee Aidan Corish comes up with a new pay-for-parking scheme in Sag Harbor [“Visiting Sag Harbor? You May Have To Pay To Park,” 27east.com, April 10]. He has clearly shown his disdain over the years for people who visit “his” town. His statement, “we also have a perennial parking problem,” is not accurate — we actually have a perennial love of visitors who come and spend money during a very brief time. Mr. Corish detests the fact that Sag Harbor is a tourist location. Parking is only an issue in July and August, our peak visitation period, one ... by Staff Writer

Literary Home

Please help to keep Canio’s Books from moving [“Canio’s Books, Long a Sag Harbor Cultural Icon, Faces Uncertain Future as Lease Is Not Renewed,” 27east.com, March 20]. In this changing world, the good people who visit this iconic establishment need the comfort and joy of a good story in a little shop that they can rely on to welcome them with open arms. Canio’s Books is so much more than a bookstore — it’s a literary home for our community. Debra Saparito Mount Sinai 19 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer

Not for Sale

The American idea that giving money to political campaigns is free speech means that the very rich have far more speech, and so in effect far more voting power, than other citizens. We believe we have safeguards and checks, but the only checks that matter are the huge sums flowing from Manhattan to Southampton, as evidenced by the town election this past November. The November 2024 election is on the horizon, and Southampton voters should be vigilant as they follow the money trail. The Democratic candidates for office will claim local roots while raking in vast campaign funds from the ... by Staff Writer