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Editorial: Full Charge Ahead

Editorial Board on Apr 17, 2019
The East Hampton Town Board is considering a second proposal by the Tesla company to install an electric vehicle charging station — at no cost to taxpayers — in a... more

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True Champion

I want to wish Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. a happy and healthy upcoming retirement [“State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. Will Not Seek Reelection This Fall,” 27east.com, February 12]. Unlike some other local politicians who falsely touted themselves as champions of “clean water,” Fred consistently stood up against big-money interests (especially those behind the disgrace that is The Hills) when it came to the pollution of our fragile local environment. His integrity will be greatly missed. Alex Burton East Quogue 26 Feb 2024 by Staff Writer

No Credibility

Reader Thomas Jones responded to my letter regarding the scuttling of the bipartisan immigration reform bill by calling it “blatant politics,” adding, “to blame Republicans and Donald Trump for the current border crisis is beyond ridiculous” [“Trojan Horse,” Letters, February 22]. Reading this, I have to wonder if Mr. Jones even read my letter. I did not assign blame for the current border crisis — but I did criticize former President Trump for scuttling a bill that would have improved the border situation immensely. Mr. Jones referred to the bill as a “trojan horse.” But that term implies that the ... by Staff Writer

Own the Chaos

To the individuals who mentioned me recently, I will respond briefly. To Frances Genovese [“Who Is Our Navalny?” Letters, February 22], whom I respect as a wordsmith, I, too, wish America had an Alexei Navalny who could speak truth to power and stand above politics. The world, and especially Russia, needed him. But on Trump you fall prey to the same “derangement” as John Neely [“The Socks Can Wait,” Letters, February 22]. Taking Donald J. Trump literally is to misconstrue him. He is not constructed the same way career politicians are. Politicians learn to parse and turn a phrase while ... by Staff Writer

Voices of Sanity

In response to the letters “Pig Is a Pig” by Ed Surgan and “Trojan Horse” by Thomas Jones on February 22: Gentlemen, it was refreshing to hear voices of sanity among the onslaught of propaganda. Thank you. Maria Benlian Hampton Bays by Staff Writer

Fact vs. Fiction

I appreciated Tom Gogola’s effort to dig for the truth about our farm in “Butter Lane Tree Farm Sorts Through Issues with Town, Neighbors” [27east.com, January 17]. Gogola visited the farm multiple times and cited local farmers who attested to the quality of our operations cultivating endangered and indigenous tree species. Unfortunately, letters submitted to you after Gogola’s article are filled with fabrications and misrepresentations. In “Telling Truths” [Letters, February 8], Meredith Berkowitz wrote: “To quote Shapiro’s attorney: ‘He wants what he wants, and he doesn’t care about the neighbors!’” We reviewed transcripts from all six public hearings about our ... by Staff Writer

Get in the Game

At last week’s Express Sessions conversation in Sag Harbor, “Taking the Pulse of the Hamptons Real Estate Market,” real estate broker Enzo Morabito said he is trying not to take high-end property listings anymore, because they typically take more than two years to sell and the typical discount off the original list price is 25 percent. A broker passing on eight-figure listings — and the commissions that come with them — sounds unbelievable, but considering that the broker could instead put the effort into successfully selling multiple listings at a more modest price, reliably and quickly, the approach makes sense. ... 21 Feb 2024 by Editorial Board

A True Innovation

Is it possible to turn back the clock, to a time before technology forever changed the world we live in? It turns out that it is possible, at least in schools, and at least for the hours of a school day. The Sag Harbor School District is in the middle of a great experiment that every local district should be paying close attention to. About a year ago, the district instituted a new policy using a company, Yondr, that makes lockable pouches. As detailed last week, middle and high school students at Pierson must silence their phones and lock them ... by Editorial Board

Who Is Our Navalny?

The murder of Alexei Navalny by Vladimir Putin exposes the bestiality of power unchecked. Putin pushes his murders into the political faces of nations freer than his. He sends his assassins, armed with his signature poison, to violate political sovereignty and hard-won laws respectful of human life and political dissidence. Putin: a little bureaucratic functionary puffed up by lies, corruption, servility and unquestioned power. Putin: freed up to kill, wage territorial wars, create chaos. Putin: venerated by Donald Trump. Putin: a war monger publicly lauded by a former president of this country. Donald Trump: ignoramus and American psychopath, basking in ... 19 Feb 2024 by Staff Writer

The Moderate Way

For the past eight years, some Americans have become infatuated with the notion that unhinged, extreme people have something to offer the American political system. Some voters have believed that these politicians, full of anger and scare tactics, would shake up the system and the changes they promise would make everything better. It appears that these same voters are waking up and realizing that is not true at all. Unhinged people are exactly that: unhinged. They make a mess. They promote havoc and create chaos. They solve nothing and generally create problems. The choice that New York voters from the ... by Staff Writer

The Socks Can Wait

I really have better things to do than to respond to reader Ed Surgan’s letters to these pages. But his latest missive [“Unequal Treatment,” Letters, February 15] is so full of inaccuracies that I cannot help myself. I will just have to sort my socks on another day. Writing about the treatment that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have received regarding their mishandling of classified government documents, Mr. Surgan claims that President Trump has been unfairly prosecuted. This would be true if both men had committed the same misdeeds. However, their shortcomings are not in the least ... by Staff Writer