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Editorial: Giving Thanks

Kathryn G. Menu on Nov 27, 2019
It’s lovely that Americans set aside a holiday each fall for the simple purpose of taking time to reflect on the things we are thankful for. In this space, we... more

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Close to Home

This is an editorial, but the Editorial Board has given me the chance to write a personal message, one that we all endorse but filtered through my personal experience. You see, Butler, Pennsylvania, is my hometown — near enough, at least, that my high school years were spent in a house just 10 miles from the Big Butler Fairgrounds, where I attended the annual fair there, and the frequent Jaycees’ haunted houses around Halloween, which I once believed were the most terrifying thing that could be experienced on that site. I had a couple of old friends in that crowd ... 17 Jul 2024 by Joseph P. Shaw

Abject Failure

The shame of the Biden administration started with the debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Total chaos without a plan leaving thousands to die at the hands of the Taliban and leaving Afghanistan women at the mercy of barbaric terrorists — and from there it only got worse. The collapse of Joe Biden’s Afghanistan pullout led directly to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. His policy of “don’t do it” meant nothing to Putin, and now we are entrenched in our own “Flanders Field.” What a sad state of affairs this administration has left our nation. Freeing up trillions of dollars to ... 15 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer

American Landscape

The assassination attempt on Donald Trump is an American tragedy and should never have happened. However, it is naive to believe that Trump’s aggressive rhetoric, attitude and support of violence since he entered the political landscape did not influence what happened to him. “Violence begets violence.” “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” These are not just trite slogans — this is how life works. Trump has openly supported the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the attack on the Capitol on January 6. He has humiliated, insulted and taunted his political rivals, and uses language that is ... by Staff Writer

Errant Omission?

Readers may recall last summer’s outcry over the new owners of the Hidden Cove Marina’s efforts to “improve” the property: Over the course of three months, they made numerous unpermitted and in some cases downright illegal modifications to the buildings and property. These transgressions continued into the offseason, despite the town’s tagging the property in September 2023 with a stop-work order. It seems that the new owner prefers the “ask forgiveness versus ask permission” route, a strategy he knows works all too well in this town. After being caught by the town in September and fessing up to some of ... by Staff Writer

Coordination Needed

Water quality in our area is obviously of paramount importance. The one overarching board we have to deal with all aspects of water quality is the Harbor Committee. This section from our Code Book, Section 32, clearly lays out their very broad duties and responsibilities: Ҥ32-1 Findings and purposes. The Board of Trustees finds that the waterfront, the harbor and adjacent local waters are a most vital financial asset to the village and of extreme importance to the social, economic and cultural well-being of village residents and visitors alike and that the quality of all local waters must be protected ... by Staff Writer

End the Bias

Some news sources tried to inform you about Joe Biden’s issues, while others, like the mainstream media, lied to you. But if you watched the debate, you saw what you saw and you cannot unsee it. Biden showed America that he is unfit to be president of the United States. I believe it is critically important that America has a vibrant, bulldog press. A press in search of the truth. Our democracy depends on it — and that is why I write about its failures. Numerous video clips of Biden, either frozen in place or disoriented, were offered as evidence ... by Staff Writer

Get Clover

Your “Water Hogs” article [“Water Hogs of the Hamptons 2024: Superusers Raise Costs for All,” Residence, 27east.com, July 11] serves as an inspiring nudge to find not only what the top 25 users can do but what we all can do to significantly reduce our water consumption and, in the process, kick-start our own regenerative landscape. Just switching from grass to clover drastically reduces watering, mowing, fertilizers and pesticides. And it brings in the pollinators. Another notion is to trade out some of our lawns for native pollinator gardens. While we are at it, let’s convince the villages and towns ... by Staff Writer

Bleak Alternative

President Joe Biden is determined to stay on the job and finish the work he started as more of his party faithful are prodding him to step down and pass the baton. The alternatives are bleak. The vice president, cackling Kamala Harris, produces word salads of incomprehensible insights only the vapid fans of “The View” might consider profound. That she is second-in-command is already a potential existential threat to common sense and our national security. China has its eyes on Taiwan as it extends its power in the South China Sea. Iran is supporting and fomenting chaos in the Middle ... by Staff Writer

Clean Up Waters

For eight years, Tom and I have been part of Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force, testing four bays (and one pond) weekly in the summer to measure the levels of enterococcus (fecal matter). And, consistently, every year, Windmill Beach (Sag Harbor) has tested very high. I heard at one point that there was only one pump-out boat, and at another that they were limiting overtime for pumping out. Anyone can tell that we are busier than ever in Sag Harbor (this morning, Tom counted 50 boats at Havens Beach alone), with more yachts than ever (though I was assured that ... by Staff Writer

Imagination Needed

Many will have noticed the “moving” sign in Canio’s Books’ window in Sag Harbor. I stopped in to ask, “Where to?” The answer was that Kathryn Szoka and Mary Ann Calendrille still don’t know. Only that they must leave their location opposite Otter Pond by the end of September. In many ways, Canio’s Books has been the literary and community heart of Sag Harbor for 44 years. Canio Pavone began it, with piles of well-selected used books and, always, a welcoming chair or two for readers to discuss their discoveries. The readings began, of course, with Nelson Algren, one of ... 14 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer