Editorial: Many Hands - 27 East


Editorial: Many Hands

Editorial Board on Apr 17, 2019
While blessed with a beautiful waterfront, the residents of Sag Harbor do not enjoy the same abundant amount of green space. So, we make do with what we have, which... more

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The Parking Dilemma

On May 14, the Sag Harbor Village Board will begin an important and long-overdue conversation with its residents about a subject that affects everyone, resident and visitor alike: parking in the village. It’s an essential conversation that requires some structure before it begins in order to be fruitful, and not just a cacophony of complaints. A workshop preceding the official hearings will be held at 6 p.m. on May 1, live and on Zoom. Here are a few statements that should be considered for discussion. These are not meant to be statements of absolute truth — they are ideas that ... 17 Apr 2024 by Editorial Board

No Farmers, No Character

The bumper stickers used to be ubiquitous on the roads: “No Farms No Food.” The slogan is a registered trademark of the American Farmland Trust, which mails out those bumper stickers for free to anyone in the United States who requests one. It’s a simple, accurate message, but it’s one that is lost on many people who think food comes from the grocery store or Amazon Fresh and forget that these retailers are merely intermediaries. On the South Fork, one doesn’t need to drive far in any direction to come across farmland. It is one of the pleasures of living ... by Editorial Board

Everyone Poops

It’s the title of Tarō Gomi’s beloved children’s book, which has, for nearly 50 years, been delivering a simple but universal reminder: “Since we all eat, we all must poop. All of us! Everyone!” It doesn’t seem like fodder for this space — but, increasingly, more and more people behave as though (how shall we put this?) their own poop is perfumed in a unique way. We are all trapped together on an island that, though long, is densely populated in places, and increasingly so. As a result, we are slowly befouling this place we call home, polluting groundwater with ... by Editorial Board

At the Helm

1994. It’s hard to imagine, but despite being a matriarchal society, that was the first year Shinnecock Nation women were permitted to vote on tribal matters. And it wasn’t until 2013 that the nation had its first female on the Council of Trustees. So it was great to witness the momentous milestone on April 2, when Lisa Goree was elected the new chair of the Shinnecock Nation Council of Trustees. She joins Bianca Collins, who continues serving as trustee, and Linda Franklin, who, as sunksqua, has an important nonvoting advisory role. It’s encouraging to see the nation vote Goree into ... by Editorial Board

Defining the Future

Paula Angelone’s recent Letter to the Editor [“Sound Familiar?” Letters, April 11] was extremely disturbing, as she blamed Benjamin Netanyahu for the recent problems in Israel, not Hamas. Let me remind Ms. Angelone that Israel is currently in a war because thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, killing Jews, raping women, beheading children and burning some alive, and kidnapping hundreds. They didn’t cross the border stating that we need a two-state solution. They crossed to willfully and wantonly kill Jews. I must say, blaming Netanyahu for his response, along with Israel’s response, is both irresponsible and defies logic. Netanyahu has ... 15 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer

It’s Not Pretty

Hate has talked so loudly for so long. Greed has talked so loudly for so long. Liars have talked so loudly for so long. LOVE has got to stop whispering. Those words, by Marianne Williamson, have resonated with me since I first read them. Those words serve as our motivation for East End YIMBY and all the advocacy we do for our community. In a media world, where “if it bleeds, it leads,” it’s tough to get the same coverage of issues when wack-a-doodles come out yelling and screaming against virtually everything. Their often unfathomable demands get center stage, while ... by Staff Writer

Summer Buzz

They have begun again, the infernal sounds of summer. Loud buzzing every day, all day, even the early evening, when one might wish to enjoy a glass of wine in the garden. The Town of East Hampton has had the decency to establish some limits on the production of lawn care cacophony, but so far Southampton Town has not, due, no doubt, to special interests represented on its board. Ana Daniel Sagaponack by Staff Writer

Reaping the Benefits

A recent email from Congressman Nick LaLota informs his constituents that he “secured $150 million in direct funding for Suffolk County.” This money will be used to support infrastructure programs for Long Island communities. Some clarification is in order. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed in November 2021. You might recall that during his presidency former President Donald Trump advocated infrastructure investment — but due to his ineptness in understanding how to get things done in Washington, D.C., meaningful infrastructure laws were never passed. In fact, during his administration, “Infrastructure Week” became a running joke. All talk, no ... by Staff Writer

Chilling Document

I have decided to share two personal stories, with permission from my daughters, because we must understand the real and harmful consequences of banning abortion and IVF. One of my daughters was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She found out during routine blood tests when she was 10 weeks pregnant. She tried to delay starting chemo, but after several weeks she became so sick that her doctor feared she might have a stroke. Although she and her husband desperately wanted another child, she had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy and start chemo. My daughter’s health demanded it. I thank ... by Staff Writer

Original Presence

We are writing on behalf of Canio’s Books, a bookshop and cultural center that’s been part of our lives out here on the East End since the 1970s. I’m a poet and my wife a sculptor, and we value the original and generous presence of this special one-of-a-kind place ever since we can remember. The poet David Ignatow first introduced me to it, and I’ve enjoyed the honor of reading there many times over the years, especially after the publication of a new poetry collection. My wife and I have attended many readings and art shows there, and we considered ... by Staff Writer