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Editorial: No Longer an Afterthought

Editorial Board on Mar 27, 2019
When Southampton resident Sara Topping joined a group of East End women in founding the East End Birth Network, it was a nonprofit founded with urgency and a realization that... more

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Literary Home

Please help to keep Canio’s Books from moving [“Canio’s Books, Long a Sag Harbor Cultural Icon, Faces Uncertain Future as Lease Is Not Renewed,” 27east.com, March 20]. In this changing world, the good people who visit this iconic establishment need the comfort and joy of a good story in a little shop that they can rely on to welcome them with open arms. Canio’s Books is so much more than a bookstore — it’s a literary home for our community. Debra Saparito Mount Sinai 19 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer

Not for Sale

The American idea that giving money to political campaigns is free speech means that the very rich have far more speech, and so in effect far more voting power, than other citizens. We believe we have safeguards and checks, but the only checks that matter are the huge sums flowing from Manhattan to Southampton, as evidenced by the town election this past November. The November 2024 election is on the horizon, and Southampton voters should be vigilant as they follow the money trail. The Democratic candidates for office will claim local roots while raking in vast campaign funds from the ... by Staff Writer

Distorted Picture

Thanks to Kathleen Boziwick for her “The Big Picture” letter [April 18] reminding us of Earth Day, a time for reflection and action on our environmental stewardship responsibilities. As a past president of the Science Museum of Long Island, I was part of a small, largely ignored, group that declared the first Earth Day some five decades ago. It is a joy to see the clean-air and clean-water progress that has been made since then. It is troubling, however, to see our progress imperiled by well-meaning but misdirected proposals for our energy future, such as advocating the Canal BESS site ... by Staff Writer

Stepping Over Poland

“Ukraine is the corpse over which we have to step to conquer the West.” A Vladimir Putin quote? Almost right, but not quite. The actual quote was in the Moscow newspaper Pravda (“The Truth”), and it concerned Poland in 1920. In a miraculous victory outside Warsaw, with strong Allied help, Poland won the battle and the war, driving back the Russians to their homeland. If our chaotic Congress denies to help Ukraine now, by the time the elections come around, Putin will have had a breakthrough victory and may have murdered Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife, and we will know ... by Staff Writer

The Heartbeat

I can remember reading and being touched by a book, but never have I been touched by an entire bookstore. Comfortable, eclectic, intelligent — nothing can describe the read of the experience at Canio’s [“Canio’s Books, Long a Sag Harbor Cultural Icon, Faces Uncertain Future as Lease Is Not Renewed,” 27east.com, March 20]. Everywhere, one is inspired and enveloped by shelves of great literature. Questions are graciously answered by the competent proprietors, who are committed to the texts and their authors. Permission to quietly muse about uninterrupted or participate in a group discussion, a reading, a celebration of writers, or ... by Staff Writer

The Parking Dilemma

On May 14, the Sag Harbor Village Board will begin an important and long-overdue conversation with its residents about a subject that affects everyone, resident and visitor alike: parking in the village. It’s an essential conversation that requires some structure before it begins in order to be fruitful, and not just a cacophony of complaints. A workshop preceding the official hearings will be held at 6 p.m. on May 1, live and on Zoom. Here are a few statements that should be considered for discussion. These are not meant to be statements of absolute truth — they are ideas that ... 17 Apr 2024 by Editorial Board

No Farmers, No Character

The bumper stickers used to be ubiquitous on the roads: “No Farms No Food.” The slogan is a registered trademark of the American Farmland Trust, which mails out those bumper stickers for free to anyone in the United States who requests one. It’s a simple, accurate message, but it’s one that is lost on many people who think food comes from the grocery store or Amazon Fresh and forget that these retailers are merely intermediaries. On the South Fork, one doesn’t need to drive far in any direction to come across farmland. It is one of the pleasures of living ... by Editorial Board

Everyone Poops

It’s the title of Tarō Gomi’s beloved children’s book, which has, for nearly 50 years, been delivering a simple but universal reminder: “Since we all eat, we all must poop. All of us! Everyone!” It doesn’t seem like fodder for this space — but, increasingly, more and more people behave as though (how shall we put this?) their own poop is perfumed in a unique way. We are all trapped together on an island that, though long, is densely populated in places, and increasingly so. As a result, we are slowly befouling this place we call home, polluting groundwater with ... by Editorial Board

At the Helm

1994. It’s hard to imagine, but despite being a matriarchal society, that was the first year Shinnecock Nation women were permitted to vote on tribal matters. And it wasn’t until 2013 that the nation had its first female on the Council of Trustees. So it was great to witness the momentous milestone on April 2, when Lisa Goree was elected the new chair of the Shinnecock Nation Council of Trustees. She joins Bianca Collins, who continues serving as trustee, and Linda Franklin, who, as sunksqua, has an important nonvoting advisory role. It’s encouraging to see the nation vote Goree into ... by Editorial Board

Defining the Future

Paula Angelone’s recent Letter to the Editor [“Sound Familiar?” Letters, April 11] was extremely disturbing, as she blamed Benjamin Netanyahu for the recent problems in Israel, not Hamas. Let me remind Ms. Angelone that Israel is currently in a war because thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, killing Jews, raping women, beheading children and burning some alive, and kidnapping hundreds. They didn’t cross the border stating that we need a two-state solution. They crossed to willfully and wantonly kill Jews. I must say, blaming Netanyahu for his response, along with Israel’s response, is both irresponsible and defies logic. Netanyahu has ... 15 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer