Editorial: Rally for Steinbeck Park - 27 East


Editorial: Rally for Steinbeck Park

Editorial Board on Aug 8, 2019
Hats off to former Mayor Sandra Schroeder and Trustee Jim Larocca for their efforts over at least four years to secure for the Village of Sag Harbor an open parcel... more

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Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

DUNCE CAP: To various international media organizations — principally the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom and the New York Post — for the wretched treatment of a young local police officer for having the audacity to do his job. When a certain big-name singer (let’s not use any names for once, since everyone involved has gotten far too much ink already) was arrested a few weeks ago in Sag Harbor on a charge of driving while intoxicated, some media outlets in the feeding frenzy decided to focus sharply on the arresting officer, who may not have recognized the celebrity. ... 10 Jul 2024 by Editorial Board

Now Is the Time

In the presidential “debate” of Thursday, June 27, I saw Joe Biden totally rattled by the constant lies, exaggerations, threats and fear-mongering of Donald Trump. I saw Joe Biden with bad makeup and who evidently didn’t realize that even when he was not speaking the American public would be watching a split screen of him and Trump. I saw Joe Biden, a lifelong stutterer, talk too fast to try to get as much information into every answer as possible. Stutterers need to talk in a melodious way — they don’t stutter when they sing. Joe’s performance was abysmal — he ... 9 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer

Elephant in Room

Last week’s raucous hearing on the formation of an local development corporation [“Sag Harbor LDC Proposal Gets Worked Over at Cacophonous Meeting,” 27east.com, July 2] was accompanied by an elephant in the room: namely, the fact that both Trustees Ed Haye and Jeanne Kane had been reelected a week before the hearing. At the debate with the candidates at the firehouse, which The Express News Group moderated, Mr. Haye said that reelecting himself and Trustee Kane would allow “Jeanne and I to finish what we have started,” without going into any detail. To say that this failure to be explicit ... by Staff Writer

A New Revolution?

Are you ready for Project 2025 and a “second American Revolution”? This is how the Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Robert’s stridently introduces Project 2025: “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.” Project 2025 is the second American Revolution. It is a far-reaching plan to gut or end popular programs and usher in a new gilded age, or Gilead, or worse — if people of good will acquiesce. How do they plan to accomplish this remaking of America? Step 1: By having President Donald Trump issue an executive ... by Staff Writer

Cart Before Horse

The Sag Harbor Village Board’s July 1 work session on capital planning and the creation of a local development corporation was saddening [“Sag Harbor LDC Proposal Gets Worked Over at Cacophonous Meeting,” 27east.com, July 2]. While the community was focused on what seems like another attempt to rush through legislation that could profoundly alter the character of our beautiful, historic village, some of the trustees seemed to think the objections were just a bump in the road. It is a fact of life that decisions based on false assumptions invariably turn out to be mistakes. We were told that the ... 8 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer

Glimmer of Hope

I joined the July 1 workshop session on the proposed Sag Harbor local development corporation [“Sag Harbor LDC Proposal Gets Worked Over at Cacophonous Meeting,” 27east.com, July 2] hoping for two things: to get clear answers about the process that led to the introduction of the LDC resolution at the June 11 Board of Trustees meeting, and to see a genuine openness to the criticism of the proposal I had been hearing from everyone I knew in our community. I am sorry to say, I was disappointed in both hopes. Mayor Tom Gardella admitted that the introduction of the LDC ... by Staff Writer

Tragedy Awaits

This Sunday afternoon, the train platform in Southampton (as well as all the other stops to the east, as friends reported) was completely packed with weekenders waiting for trains heading west. The crowds were so large that they spilled down all of the stairs. Consider how easy it would be for someone to be accidentally jostled off the platform without enough time to get out of the way of the incoming train. This would seen to be an emergency situation that needs to be addressed expeditiously. If not, sooner or later, we are likely to be reading about serious injuries ... by Staff Writer

Inherit the Cost

I am dismayed that the Hamptons Bays community is resisting the proposed North Road battery energy storage facility. Battery storage is the cornerstone of a smarter, cleaner and more resilient power grid, and it is an essential tool in fighting the climate crisis. As a young adult, climate change is threatening my future. To attack it, we must employ new technologies — including battery storage. To argue that a BESS facility may cause environmental concerns disregards the outsized environmental and climate harms of fossil fuels: greenhouse gas emissions, gas leaks, oil spills and fires. One fire at a BESS in ... by Staff Writer

A Challenge

Democrat congressional candidate John Avlon has said, “We break this fever” — of politicians lying — “when we follow the facts without fear or favor, remembering that all lies stop where accountability starts.” I agree, and Mr. Avlon can now lead by example. You see, Mr. Avlon helped to perpetuate many of the mainstream media lies about Donald Trump and the right. For example, he extolled the 51 traitors who penned the letter claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Merrick Garland’s Justice Department recently confirmed that it is Hunter’s laptop. It never was Russian disinformation. Unfortunately for our ... by Staff Writer

Under Siege

America is under siege by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, their allies and supporters, the BRICS. Clearly, this is a war against our way of life, America’s immediate future and that of generations to come. Millions of dollars of income go untaxed, leaving huge gaps in state, local and federal agencies’ ability to pay for essential services. Unless funds are made available for the most basic oversight of government spending, Long Islanders will soon experience budget cuts that will impact the majority of the inhabitants. Greed, for example, with padding bills for the newly required I/A septic grants paid for ... by Staff Writer