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Editorial: Staying the Course

Editorial Board on Jan 2, 2019
Landscape architect Edmund Hollander has been a boon to Sag Harbor, helping property owners find ways to enjoy beautiful grounds while using new technologies and native plants and trees to... more

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Questions To Answer

I am probably not the only person puzzled by the recent news that the property adjoining Marsden Street and across Division Street from Sag Harbor’s Pierson High School is being considered for purchase, in part by Sag Harbor School District and in larger part by Southampton Town’s Community Preservation Fund. I assume that more about this potential purchase will be made public before it is finalized and approved. It could be a wonderful idea. And it is almost certainly a big improvement on the several very large houses originally proposed by the developer for that land. Sag Harbor could greatly ... 26 Sep 2022 by Staff Writer

Supports Fleming

I am writing this letter to support Bridget Fleming, who is running for the U.S. Congress from District 1 on Election Day, November 8. I have had the opportunity to follow Bridget’s career since 2010, when she was elected to the Southampton Town Board. I have continually been impressed by her common sense, intelligence and hard work. Suffolk County is home to a large veteran population, and I personally know veterans who have to choose daily between purchasing food or essential medications. Bridget supports expanded funding for veteran benefits. Bridget Fleming has continuously worked to protect our aquifer, which is ... by Staff Writer

Let’s Keep Hochul

Between the pandemic, the precarious economy and the crisis of democracy, New Yorkers are living through unprecedented times. Governor Kathy Hochul has proven willing not only to meet the moment time and again, but she has responded to the people of New York equitably. Opponents of Hochul usually begin by picking apart her previous COVID policies. However, looking at how she really handled things, we see how she listened to everyone, even her critics. She sought out medical experts, teachers, parents, and even students throughout the pandemic by weighing their concerns and doing her due diligence. And in response to ... by Staff Writer

Learn Shellfishing Laws

Is being a resident really enough? Upon proof of residency, Southampton Town issues shellfish licenses to all applicants. Crabbing last week, a father and son reacquainted me to the joy of parenthood. The young boy screaming as eels and other fish swam around the child’s legs. Outings like these are rare and memorable. Upon leaving, I asked how they did. Looking into their catch — males, females, mostly undersized and illegally taken — made me think: Would any dad knowingly take these illegal crabs, with or without his son, if he knew better? Shotgun licenses are not issued without first ... by Staff Writer

In Denial

What are Democrats running on these days? It would appear that the Trump piñata is their entire purpose. This effort to distract attention from their myriad failures as the party in power is aided and abetted by the mainstream media, who are reporting as if they were blindfolded. But it is impossible to hide from the problems they have visited upon the American people. The destruction of our basis for energy independence was at the top of their agenda. Clinging to their climate change claptrap, Democrats pulled the plug on our fossil fuel abundance in favor of a theoretical boost ... by Staff Writer

Informed Choice

Election Day, November 8, is less than two months away, and it is time for the voters of Congressional District 1 to consider the candidates and make an informed decision. I am writing to urge my fellow residents to support a uniquely gifted candidate, Bridget Fleming, for Congress. She has taken a stand on the issues that I believe to be in our best interests. I ask you, the voter, to consult the website bridgetforcongress.com. Bridget Fleming is a former prosecutor and Southampton Town councilwoman who has spent her career standing up for us, Long Island residents. As a retired ... by Staff Writer

Plastic Freedom

By now, it is common knowledge that the world is awash in plastic waste, and effective recycling of plastic is a myth. The post-consumption recycling rate of the 400 million tons of plastics manufactured in 2021 was an insignificant and shocking 5 percent. We can increase this percentage with people power. Join the “Reuse Revolution” by letting go of your reliance on single-use plastics. Here are some strategies from Beyond Plastics that can have a powerful impact on reducing plastic waste if adopted by everyone. Keep this list handy and get into practicing these easy steps. Bring your own reusable ... by Staff Writer

Lacks Judgment

Recently, Republican congressional candidate Nick LaLota tweeted that he’d like to “restore integrity to our elections.” Well, election integrity is important, but relying on Nick LaLota to restore election integrity is like putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department. In 2015, Nick LaLota, then Republican commissioner of the Suffolk County Board of Elections, filed a petition to remove the Women’s Equality Party candidate, Susan Berland, from the ballot by nullifying her certification of nomination. The judge’s ruling was sharp and to the point: “… the two commissioners constituting the Suffolk County Board of Elections are each directed to ... by Staff Writer

Making a Difference

The Noyac Civic Council once again stepped up to the plate. This time, our organization joined the Town of Southampton’s Parks and Recreation Department, and our councilman, Tommy John Schiavoni, to clean up Trout Pond’s invasive species Cabomba caroliniana that is choking the life of the pond. A number of Noyac residents endured a freezing cold morning last Saturday to rake the invasive plants, pile the plants on shore and assist town employees in carting the plants to a dumpster. Many of us got soaking wet raking the weeds and piling the weeds onto our kayaks, and onto ourselves, so ... by Staff Writer

She Is Us

Residents of Congressional District 1 are facing an important decision this November 8. For eight years, we have been represented in Congress by someone who cared little for all the citizens of District 1, and who only cared about what the Republican Party and the White House agenda was. Lee Zeldin and Republicans may think they represented our communities, but their actual votes in Congress reflect the strong distaste his party and the previous White House had for all New Yorkers, and the disdain which it held for most communities except for wealthy white men. Next month, on Election Day, ... by Staff Writer