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Editorial: The Healthiest Choice

Gavin Menu on Jun 5, 2019
The Sag Harbor School Board of Education deserves credit for working with its transportation committee to come up with a reasonable way to cut down on transportation costs while also... more

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A Vote of Confidence

There is something of a pact between residents and their school boards, and the annual budget vote — one of the few times when voters have a direct say in the day-to-day budgeting of their tax dollars — is where that pact is consummated. Credit school district voters: Last Tuesday, they all stepped up and held up their end of the bargain. It’s not always an easy vote. For some homeowners, their property tax bill, which is most significantly made up of school taxes, is one of their biggest expenditures if they’ve already paid off the mortgage and are on ... 29 May 2024 by Editorial Board

Stepping Up

Imagine the want ad: “Unpaid position. Unpredictable hours. Extensive training required. Your life may be endangered at a moment’s notice. Must be on call 24/7. Your physical condition will be tested.” Most people wouldn’t get past the first two words. At a time when the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming, and just living full time in this part of the world is aspirational, it’s no surprise that volunteerism is waning. But as our recent visit to the Suffolk County Fire Academy showed, it’s not dead. In fact, there are men and women of all different backgrounds and age ... by Editorial Board

Not Impressed

Having read last week’s letter by mayoral candidate Barbara Roberts [“A Better Job,” Letters, May 23], I feel compelled to respond. Our mayor, Chris Fiore, has been a tremendous asset to North Haven for many years and has been directly involved in our government in various roles for quite some time. He has overseen policy changes that have been admirable: the Dark Skies initiative to minimize light pollution, new rules aimed at saving our older and larger trees from clearing, lower speed limits on Ferry Road, restrictions on the use of gas leaf blowers, a drastically lower tick population through ... 27 May 2024 by Staff Writer

Compelling Advocate

In less than a month, on June 25, with early voting beforehand, Democratic voters will have a genuine opportunity to make a difference with their vote in the Democratic primary election in the 1st Congressional District. John Avlon is running for our congressional seat. Without question, he has the readily established ability to defeat his primary opponent and thereafter to overcome the Republican incumbent, who can only say he supported all things MAGA and helped to get rid of George Santos. Our district deserves so much better. We live in an extraordinary place in this great country. Shouldn’t we have ... by Staff Writer

Character and Decency

Though we moved back last year to the North Fork to be closer to our large family there, I must say a few words on why my wife and I believe Chris Fiore should be reelected as mayor of North Haven. As a former homeowner and president of West Banks Homeowners Association in North Haven, we found Chris’s approach was always motivated by common sense and civic pride. When he first shared his vision to become both the mayor of North Haven and to develop our first cultural and public recreational space called Lovelady Park, I was impressed with his ... by Staff Writer

Devoted to Cause

The adage “Rome was not built in a day” rings as true now as ever, reminding us that achieving quality outcomes requires time and dedication. With this principle in mind, I’d like to shed light on the initiatives being spearheaded by our mayor, Chris Fiore. Several months ago, I was approached about the possibility of accessing maps that my mother, Dolores McNamara, may have maintained detailing the existing trails on North Haven. Though I was unable to locate this specific material, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism. It was yet another indication of Chris’s unwavering commitment to ... by Staff Writer

Supporting Avlon

It is with pleasure that I endorse John Avlon in the upcoming June 25 primary. Honestly, I think we are fortunate to have John running on the Democratic ticket for the 1st Congressional District. Our district, which encompasses the eastern end of Long Island, including parts of Brookhaven, Huntington and Smithtown. To me, Mr. Avlon has the qualities voters should very much appreciate. He is bright, articulate, dedicated, attractive and knowledgeable. You the reader may know him from having been an ongoing correspondent on CNN. There, John is regularly discussing leading news topics domestic and internationally — with insight and ... by Staff Writer

Seat at the Table

I am running for Sag Harbor Village trustee. Why? My nine years on the Village Harbor Committee, four as chair, reintroduced me to the issues surrounding water quality and opened the whole world of environmental impairment. This led to a desire to not only take this question on as an individual but as a member of our community. In 2019, Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy founded the Environmental Advisory Committee; I became deeply involved. In 2021, I was tasked as coordinator to lead us through three years and 18 projects combating climate change. Certified as a Bronze Level Climate Smart Community this ... by Staff Writer

Let’s Talk Facts

I really dislike misinformation. It serves no purpose other than to mislead and misinform good people. I read last week’s letter from my mayoral opponent [“A Better Job,” Letters, May 23] and feel compelled to correct the myriad misstatements put forth. Let’s talk facts: The park work we concluded two years ago was approved by the Community Preservation Fund, our Board of Trustees and the Department of Environmental Conservation. All time and materials were donated. The promenade was restored. Four residents’ meetings were held, which resulted in adjustments to Phase 2 of the plan, which begins shortly. A municipality is ... by Staff Writer

Take a Lesson

This is high season at Fowler’s Garden Center in Southampton. From the look of things, inventory has to be at its peak, trees, plants and all accessories for landscapers and homeowner use. On a recent Saturday morning — peak shopping time, and my only available time — I steeled myself for the task ahead. In addition to peak inventory, it appeared that Fowler’s so wisely enlarged its staff. There was no long wait. There was thoughtful, knowledgeable service delivered by cheerful staff. I was amazed at how deftly the crowd of shoppers was handled. All was calm, and, I am ... by Staff Writer