Fall Harvest - 27 East

Fall Harvest

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Good seabass fishing continues, as shown by Mark Daniels.

Good seabass fishing continues, as shown by Mark Daniels.



Fall weather continues, with some easterly winds accompanied by rain. We also have had some beautiful Indian summer days. The Old Farmers’ Almanac predicted above-average precipitation for the month of October, and we are experiencing that.

The bay water temps are in the high 50s, and fishing is definitely in the fall mode. The long-awaited blackfish season has opened with a bang, thanks to two really nice Saturdays.

With perfect weather and light winds, anglers were on the water in full force. All the spots in the sound around Plum Island and points east around Fishers Island had plenty of boats. Those fishing in the shallow waters are having good results. There are plenty of shorts, but limits have been common.

Green crabs are working, and during slow tides the fish are hitting the tug rigs with green crabs.

If you get tired of blackfishing, the sea bass are still biting. You will have to find some deeper water. Clams and squid are working on high/low rigs. The sound and around the Race are good spots to start.

Locally, there still are porgies in the bay and a stray kingfish. Short bass are starting to show up with some of those small bluefish. Trolled lures and jigs are working on the bass.

Beach fisherman are finding bass at the ferry slip and around the creeks. The sound beaches along the north shore have seen striped bass and bluefish for the surfcasters.

Montauk also has good fall fishing. There are bass and bluefish around the Point. Bottom fishermen are enjoying good porgy and sea bass fishing. Areas south of the Point and Block Island have been good for sea bass and porgies, with even a few codfish in the mix.

The ocean beaches are producing some bass for the surfcasters.

Good fall fishing should continue throughout the month of November.

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