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Find a Place

Canio’s Books is a part of our village we cannot afford to lose.

We need to search for a new, affordable home for the store, where we have been finding books for years, where we have heard friends give readings, where I gave a reading years ago when my first book was published.

If you have lived in Sag Harbor as long as I have, you will remember Canio running the store and Nelson Algren settled into the comfortable armchair. And if you moved to Sag Harbor in the last year or so, you probably remember the Moby Dick Marathon, when so many of us gathered to read in small groups in many places around Sag Harbor.

We do not want to live in a village without a bookstore — without this bookstore — and so we must do everything we can to find a new place for Kathryn and Maryann to shelve their books and keep us browsing, finding what is new, discovering what may be an old and rare edition.

We do not need to spend our days shopping, going to restaurants, looking at boats in the harbor, calling that a full life. We need to focus on finding a place for Canio’s Books right here, in our community, in Sag Harbor.

Suzanne McNear

Sag Harbor