Gift of Slowing Down - 27 East


Gift of Slowing Down

“The greenest home is the one that is already built” — Peconic Land Trust.

What becomes possible when we shift our conversation to include the Lovelady Powell structures in our commitment to preservation [“Effort Underway To Save House on Lovelady Powell Property in North Haven,”, January 11]? Rather than asking ourselves if there is value in maintaining, what if instead we ask ourselves: How?

The advisory committee and the board of the North Haven Parks and Trails Association have agreed to consider viable proposals at their next joint meeting. If any ideas warrant further consideration, it could provide the incentive for the Village of North Haven to request another extension to the planned demolition date of February 13.

We are a community full of creative ideas and resources. I do not doubt our ability to develop a shared vision and project that could become a source of great pride. By adhering to the planned demolition date, we remove our chance to learn and dream together.

Let’s give ourselves the gift of slowing down.

Anastasia Gochnour

Sag Harbor