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Let’s Talk Facts

I really dislike misinformation. It serves no purpose other than to mislead and misinform good people. I read last week’s letter from my mayoral opponent [“A Better Job,” Letters, May 23] and feel compelled to correct the myriad misstatements put forth. Let’s talk facts:

The park work we concluded two years ago was approved by the Community Preservation Fund, our Board of Trustees and the Department of Environmental Conservation. All time and materials were donated. The promenade was restored. Four residents’ meetings were held, which resulted in adjustments to Phase 2 of the plan, which begins shortly.

A municipality is not obligated to adhere to setbacks established for residences. The park is for the “public good.” Regardless, buffers have been established on both sides of the pond.

The maintenance plan and budget were submitted to the CPF prior to their approval. We have said repeatedly that the park will be funded with donations. No one else has requested the maintenance budget, but it is available on our website.

The trails: The original committee from the 1990s (on which I served) is defunct. We, just last month, lost one of the two bridges to the nor’easter. We seek to replace it ASAP using village park funds. We established “hunt-free hours” in the winter months to allow folks to hike the path without fear of competing with hunters. The paths have been maintained by volunteers and our village maintenance person.

The roundabout: We got an offer from a local landscaper to pretty up the roundabout, pro bono, which was scheduled pre-Memorial Day. There is no code restriction for a sign acknowledging his generosity. And the flagpole? We think it looks fabulous! We will have a dedication shortly.

All of the above is readily available to anyone who attends Board of Trustees meetings either in person or via Zoom, reads my monthly letters on Constant Contact, peruses articles in The Express and at 27east.com, or watches the meetings on our website. We make it easy to be accurately informed!

Chris Fiore


North Haven Village