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Not Impressed

Having read last week’s letter by mayoral candidate Barbara Roberts [“A Better Job,” Letters, May 23], I feel compelled to respond.

Our mayor, Chris Fiore, has been a tremendous asset to North Haven for many years and has been directly involved in our government in various roles for quite some time. He has overseen policy changes that have been admirable: the Dark Skies initiative to minimize light pollution, new rules aimed at saving our older and larger trees from clearing, lower speed limits on Ferry Road, restrictions on the use of gas leaf blowers, a drastically lower tick population through the four-poster program, and direct email contact with our residents that has never been so comprehensive.

The trails on the Stock Farm Preserve have improved during Chris’s tenure as a result of his efforts as well as the work of volunteers like myself. I don’t recall ever seeing Barbara out there or involved in any way, as other residents have been. All these efforts have noticeably improved the quality of life here in only two short years.

The village has endeavored to make Lovelady Park into a place that our residents can enjoy. That has involved striking a balance between the wild and overgrown nature of the land which existed and one which would be more approachable and aesthetically pleasing. I believe this was accomplished admirably so far and done with the participation of our community and the approval of all jurisdictions, as well as our own trustees. Ms. Roberts portrays an inaccurate and misleading version of the truth … I’m guessing in an attempt to gain some relevance in this election.

Weeding the traffic circle? No one is to blame for the loss of our landscaper, but finding a replacement is not as easy as it seems. At least Chris has been dealing with the work that needs to be done now, yet Ms. Roberts takes exception to the way it’s being done. Really, Barbara? By the way, it’s not “free advertising” if those men worked hard to earn it.

Ms. Roberts, if you are asking for some of our votes, then a more positive and truthful approach would be better. So far, I’m not impressed.

Leon Esker

North Haven