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Pros And Cons

authorStaff Writer on Apr 5, 2022
Rumor became news last week when it was announced that the Town of Southampton has made an offer to buy a commercial building at 2 Main Street in Sag Harbor,... more

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Out of Sight

The First Presbyterian (Old Whalers’) Church in Sag Harbor has served as a center for the community in many ways — it is home to the Sag Harbor Food Pantry, has been home to the Hamptons LGBT Center and offers space for Alcoholics Anonymous. Its downstairs has routinely been used over the years for community events, everything from political debates to strawberry shortcake fundraisers and St. Patrick’s Day feasts, while its sanctuary has provided religious services since 1844, and also offered a venue for music of all genres. The building itself, at this point, is perhaps the most iconic historic ... 28 Sep 2022 by Editorial Board

Open Your Browser and Say, ‘Ahhh!’

And Say, ‘Ahhh!’ Geography, it seems, makes the East End grand, but it also makes it isolated. In an interconnected world, that means heading more and more in the direction of virtual contact for services. That includes health care. Instead of being a pure negative, though, it could be that the new move toward telemedicine is a godsend for the region, which for years has had issues accessing some kinds of essential health care. As the recent pandemic proved, virtual isn’t as good as face to face — ever — but it can get the job done when direct contact ... 27 Sep 2022 by Editorial Board

Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

Dunce Cap -- To Southampton Town officials for their on again/off again cone and flashing light program in Hampton Bays and other areas. The so-called traffic calming measures can’t possibly calm motorists who make good time one day, only to find the blinking lights programs unceremoniously suspended the next. Early signs indicate the program does some good to ease commuter congestion, and a pilot program on County Road 39 is promising. But if the program is going to work, consistency is crucial. Dunce Cap -- To Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman for scheduling a public hearing on the zone change ... 21 Sep 2022 by Editorial Board

A Matter of Faith

For 50 years, Roe v. Wade was the law of the land and it assured women in the United States the right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. But that precedent was overturned in June with Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, when a conservative, male majority Supreme Court abolished the constitutional right to an abortion and punted by conferring the decision on states instead. Now, the states are mired in a complex web of convoluted, confusing and ever-changing regulations as state leaders rush to pass laws related to various timelines during which an abortion ... 14 Sep 2022 by Editorial Board

Disrespectful Act

HarborFest kicked off in Sag Harbor last weekend, drawing scores to the village to enjoy a summer festival rooted in tradition — from whaleboat races to chowder contests and Scouts selling hot dogs next to nonprofits and food vendors. HarborFest has always been about community. And it takes a village to make that event a success — from the leadership at the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce, to volunteers that help make the weekend go smoothly. Village government also plays a big role, including the Sag Harbor Village Police Department, Sag Harbor Fire Department and Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corps, ... 13 Sep 2022 by Editorial Board

A Model for Success

Once environmental damage is done, it is exceedingly difficult to undo — but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try, or that our efforts won’t succeed beyond expectations. Case in point, the rebound of the hard clam population in Shinnecock Bay. It is amazing what’s been accomplished — a 1,700 percent increase in the landings and densities of hard clams, the expansion of seagrass meadows, the end of brown tide — in a relatively short amount of time. The successful endeavor by scientists from the Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences took a decade, a time frame ... 12 Sep 2022 by Editorial Board

A Will To Play

There’s more at play than a simple change in demographics when it comes to the latest struggling East End football program, this time at Hampton Bays High School, which, for the first time in 47 years, will not field a varsity football team this fall. Southampton will go without a varsity football team as well this year, while East Hampton, which has struggled to field its own team in recent years, will compete with just 24 players from its preseason roster in the bruising ranks of Division III, widely considered the best in Suffolk County. The debate about the waning ... 6 Sep 2022 by Staff Writer

Have It In Writing

It was a longtime South Fork resident, the late Joseph Heller, who said it best in his novel “Catch-22”: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” In Hampton Bays, as red-faced town officials scrambled to stamp out the brush fire, a lot of men and women were just happy to finally see, in black and white, something they’ve suspected all along but were told was nonsense: Despite the trappings, regardless of all the talk of “public input,” a contractor had mistakenly said the quiet part out loud — the fix was in. Until a vote last week, ... 30 Aug 2022 by Staff Writer

A Time For Community

As has been the case across the nation, with an already politically charged climate growing more intense over the last few years, causing deep divisions in American society, the Village of Sag Harbor has had its fair share of “us versus them” moments, with huge demographic shifts over the last decade accelerated by development pressures, Main Street evolving from mom-and-pop shops to high-end retail boutiques, and a brooding sense of vanishing old-school Sag Harbor values. What ties many of us together despite our differences — from families who have been here for generations to those who moved more recently to ... 23 Aug 2022 by Staff Writer

A Delicate Balance

A story from East Hampton Village last week highlighted an issue that could well be percolating beneath the service in many communities, as local volunteer ambulance corps seek a delicate balance of morale and necessary moves to provide reliable emergency care. A member of the East Hampton Ambulance Association was suspended after he complained about a village decision to add paid emergency medical technicians to the ambulance company, which has 40 volunteer members. He voiced those complaints to two of the new paid EMTs. The details surrounding the 30-day suspension, labeled an act of “workplace harassment” by Mayor Jerry Larsen, ... 16 Aug 2022 by Staff Writer