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Pros And Cons

authorStaff Writer on Apr 5, 2022
Rumor became news last week when it was announced that the Town of Southampton has made an offer to buy a commercial building at 2 Main Street in Sag Harbor,... more

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A Team Of Heroes

This week, May 15 to 21, is National Emergency Medical Services Week, and this year’s theme is “EMS: Rising to the Challenge.” It’s a moment to recognize the selfless contributions of so many men and women in our community, and to offer some well-earned thanks and recognition. It should also be an opportunity for those who are not active members of the EMS community to stop and think about what these men and women are owed — how we all might give back to them. Because those in the EMS community give plenty. The time and energy devoted to training ... 17 May 2022 by Staff Writer

Lift The Limit

One of the biggest hang-ups homeowners have with the existing affordable accessory apartments law in Southampton Town is that only live-in homeowners can qualify for an accessory apartment. This disqualifies many homeowners — and explains why the program is so underused. As both Southampton and East Hampton towns, and Sag Harbor Village, and other municipalities begin to look at ways to expand affordable housing, there is a lesson here for everyone. Adding on an apartment or rearranging the existing space in a home to create an apartment creates an opportunity for homeowners to earn a little money to help them ... by Staff Writer

Time To Talk

It won’t be on the ballot next week, as the various school districts on the South Fork seek approval for 2022-23 budgets and to fill school board seats. Nevertheless, those budgets all speak volumes about the issue. School consolidation. It’s time — long past time, in fact — to start the conversation in earnest. It’s a big, complicated situation that will take many years, and a great deal of dedicated effort, to resolve. That’s always been the argument against doing it, but that’s appalling. It’s a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. Getting it done will right many wrongs, it will ... 11 May 2022 by Staff Writer

A Team Effort

Newspaper conventions are not for readers, by design, but they can do wonders for news organizations. Over the weekend, the New York Press Association, the nation’s largest such organization, representing more than 800 newspapers published in the state, held its annual gathering in person for the first time in a few years, due to the pandemic. At a time when there is so much uncertainty, it was full of optimism and energy. The Express News Group is proud of the awards we won at the state level, but it’s fair to say it was that energy that is the most ... 4 May 2022 by Staff Writer

A Hamlet In Crisis

There is a map included in the draft version of East Hampton Town’s recently unveiled Coastal Assessment and Resiliency Plan that should be placed on a banner and towed behind a plane flying over the South Fork’s beaches this summer — it’s that important. It shows what town researchers who developed CARP have found to be the expected condition of the eastern half of East Hampton Town in 2070, less than 50 years from now, if efforts to combat climate change and sea level rise are unsuccessful. After Amagansett, land ends just short of Napeague, which is completely submerged. To ... by Staff Writer

A Lasting Legacy

A search of the archives of The Southampton Press doesn’t turn up many results for Rose Walton, a former Remsenburg resident and an LGBTQ pioneer who died earlier this month at her home in Sunset Beach, Florida, with her wife, Marjorie Sherwin, and niece Robin Pascarella by her side. It’s not clear why her hometown newspaper wrote little over the years about the woman who worked so tirelessly to help others, even after the Rose Walton HIV Care Services Center at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital was named after her in 2011. It was an unfortunate oversight. Whatever the reason, one ... 28 Apr 2022 by Staff Writer

Sharing The Cost

An obstacle facing officials in the five East End towns as they begin a campaign to encourage support for a new Community Housing Fund, which would use a transfer tax to pay for affordable housing measures, is the perception that towns will try to simply build their way out of the crisis. Doing so would undermine the gains made via the Community Preservation Fund, which it’s patterned after, but which had a nearly opposite goal of limiting development and saving open space. The two do not have to be incompatible. There’s little question that new construction is an element of ... 27 Apr 2022 by Staff Writer

The Human Toll

As Southampton and East Hampton towns, and Sag Harbor Village, embark on efforts to finally address the growing affordable housing crisis, it’s important to take note of the story of Steve Thorsen, told at a recent Express Sessions discussion of the topic in East Hampton, and also in these pages last week. It’s important to keep focus on the reason this is essential work, and Thorsen’s story shows why. He’s been in affordable housing for 30 years, Whalebone Woods in East Hampton, and labels himself “an example of a person who wasn’t going to be able to live here till ... 19 Apr 2022 by Staff Writer

Ahead On Points

There are times when success can be harder to observe than failure. Think of your car. When something is wrong, alarm bells go off, sometimes literally, and there is plenty of drama to let you know there’s a problem, whether it’s billows of smoke or a simple refusal to run. But when it’s working well, everything just seems … normal. Don’t miss the moment when it comes to COVID-19 and the ongoing battle: We are winning. This was never going to be a knockout — it’s going to be a fight that’s likely to go the distance, to be decided ... by Staff Writer

Routing The Future

A pilot program being run by Suffolk County Transit that provides on-demand bus service shows a promising future for the county bus system on the East End. It’s an innovative approach to meet the needs of area residents by recognizing that the eastern half of the county has different needs from larger, denser communities to the west. The program, currently being test run between Sag Harbor and Southampton Village, allows riders to “hail” a short shuttle bus through a mobile phone app, like they would with for-profit ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber. The app tells the rider where ... 13 Apr 2022 by Staff Writer