Revised Weather Forecast - 27 East

Revised Weather Forecast



The weather is going to be a mixture of cold with warming trends in between. We had our first snowflakes of the season, but the main event last week was wind and rain. Those east winds are always a problem, with above-normal high tides and coastal erosion.

Things may be looking up for the winter forecast. The National Weather Service has revised its predictions that the period of December through February now likely will be warmer. A lot of this is driven by an El Niño system this winter. Let’s hope this all comes true, as the Farmer’s Almanac predicted a winter of below-normal temps and above-normal snowfall.

For the majority of anglers, the seasons are over in the Northeast. Good weather days have been few and far apart.

The blackfish season ends today, December 22, and the sea bass season ends December 31. If you get a good day and can find a boat still sailing, you may get in one more trip.

Codfish may still be an option, but we will have to see how this season develops. The party boats to the Northeast have had good haddock fishing, with pollock and cusk mixing in.

There are still some bay scallops being caught, but they have not been plentiful. The majority are coming from East Hampton Town waters. There also are some being caught in the Peconics. The price continues to be from $45 to $60 a pound.

If you can get a good low tide, hard clams are still available and would be great for the holidays.

There is good news for the birdwatchers. This weekend past, I saw six bald eagles fishing at Otter Pond. It’s a great sight to see them sitting in the trees around the pond.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2023 is a good year outdoors!

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