Sag Harbor Fire Department's Fishermen’s Flea Market Is March 11 - 27 East

Sag Harbor Fire Department’s Fishermen’s Flea Market Is March 11

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A local scallop.

A local scallop.



It’s hard to believe that the mild weather continues. Will we make it through February without snow?

With days in the high 50s, we will be mowing lawns soon. Some trees are already budding out, as well as bushes. Last week, there were four adults swimming at Long Beach in bathing suits! Most days, you can see folks in shorts walking the beach.

We have been getting our share of wind and rain. The Farmers’ Almanac predictions for March are for average temps and precipitation. For the folks who love snow, you will have to travel to points north.

There is very little winter fishing news to report. One boat, the Island Current, had a good day codfishing out of Rhode Island. They sail when the weather permits. Long Island reports remain dismal; they are catching porgies and weakfish, while looking for those codfish. If it remains mild this winter, the fishing season could be early.

A handful of boats still remain in the bay, scalloping. The seafood markets have been getting enough product to keep the public happy. Prices for bay scallops are still in the $40-to-$50-per-pound range. Some places are charging as much as $40 for a pound of sea scallops.

Last week, saw a couple of days with good low tides. Hard clams are still available, and most days the weather has been cooperating. Remember, self-caught clams in clam chowder and stuffed clams always seem to taste better.

Now is a good time to go through your fishing tackle. You can clean and survey your inventory.

The next few weeks, there are plenty of fishing shows and fishing flea markets. On March 4 there is a Saltwater Seminar at Ward Melville High School in Setauket. Doors open at 8:30 a.m.

Locally, the Sag Harbor Fire Department Fisherman’s Flea Market is at the Sag Harbor Firehouse, located at 1357 Brick Kiln Road, on March 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hope to see you there.

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