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The Heartbeat

I can remember reading and being touched by a book, but never have I been touched by an entire bookstore.

Comfortable, eclectic, intelligent — nothing can describe the read of the experience at Canio’s [“Canio’s Books, Long a Sag Harbor Cultural Icon, Faces Uncertain Future as Lease Is Not Renewed,”, March 20]. Everywhere, one is inspired and enveloped by shelves of great literature.

Questions are graciously answered by the competent proprietors, who are committed to the texts and their authors. Permission to quietly muse about uninterrupted or participate in a group discussion, a reading, a celebration of writers, or a lecture by authorities in their field. Their mission statement brings literature to life. This space is a think tank and the heartbeat of the written word.

It’s been said that you may not remember what someone does or says, but you always remember the way they made you feel. Canio’s always made me feel at home — and I hope they continue to make their home here in Sag Harbor.

They are appreciated not only for their professionalism in leading discussions on current events and important social matters, but also for preserving important historical sites. The Steinbeck home preservation was spearheaded by Canio’s.

Canio’s is more than a bookstore They are an integral part of our community. We must keep businesses with this caliber of mission statement alive here in the village.

There is much discussion now on affordable housing. I believe affordable retail needs consideration as well. Having one-of-a-kind specialty enterprises draws individuals to our village, thus supporting the economy here.

We should have a plan for affordable retail so boutique businesses that enhance our community can thrive instead of becoming extinct. The village has lost some wonderful independent shops these last few years. In doing so, we risk losing our uniqueness and special character.

I implore the village to include affordable retail in the discussion of affordable housing. In that way, hopefully, we can keep Canio’s in Sag Harbor.

Kate Ermilio

Sag Harbor