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Too Many Questions

Editorial Board on Sep 12, 2023
It has been a long three years in the Village of Sag Harbor. As residents and their elected officials tried to balance a growing interest in the village as a... more

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Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

DUNCE CAP: To various international media organizations — principally the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom and the New York Post — for the wretched treatment of a young local police officer for having the audacity to do his job. When a certain big-name singer (let’s not use any names for once, since everyone involved has gotten far too much ink already) was arrested a few weeks ago in Sag Harbor on a charge of driving while intoxicated, some media outlets in the feeding frenzy decided to focus sharply on the arresting officer, who may not have recognized the celebrity. ... 10 Jul 2024 by Editorial Board

Democracy Day

The deep divide in this country, politically, has at least one positive side: By demonizing the other side as potentially dangerous for the future of America’s democratic system, both parties are summoning a new appreciation for that system, and perhaps a new dedication to protecting it. But, beyond using it as a campaign cudgel, talking about “threats to democracy” can be a difficult conversation — for it to be effective, we all have to examine our own beliefs, not just our opponents’. Among the basic tenets of American democracy is a belief in that system of government, as frustrating as ... 2 Jul 2024 by Editorial Board

A Lucky Guy

It may not feel like it to him right now, but Justin Timberlake is a lucky guy. The pop star, who has been accused of — and it’s important to note that it’s just an accusation at this point — driving drunk after leaving The American Hotel in Sag Harbor last week, has been the target of a worldwide maelstrom of media reports detailing his arrest. National and international media outlets have been camped out in the village, trying to interview everyone and anyone with any knowledge of — or, at this point, even speculation about — the incident. The ... 26 Jun 2024 by Editorial Board

Promises Kept

News of a link between a cold case 1993 murder in North Sea to the infamous Gilgo Beach serial killer earlier this month left the local community shocked that the heinous killing spree that has made international headlines extended to what was, at the time, a pretty remote corner of Southampton Town. While it doesn’t appear that the murder took place here — prosecutors are speculating that the body of Sandra Costilla was dumped in the woods near Old Fish Cove Road on November 20, 1993, after she was killed elsewhere — the idea that suspected killer Rex Heuermann appears ... 19 Jun 2024 by Editorial Board

No Bad Guys

If it’s not too late — though it probably is — it might offer some perspective to remember exactly what the Southampton Town Board decision on June 11, involving Liberty Gardens, really was: The board merely declined to change the existing zoning on a property. It was not a monumental decision in that regard, nor does it bear quite the philosophical significance it has been assigned by the disappointed developer, Concern Housing. It was, in fact, a much less dynamic choice than if the board had voted in favor. Yes, the Town Board had seemed to be moving toward allowing ... by Editorial Board

Trial and Error

Sag Harbor Village officials have a conundrum on their hands when it comes to parking — a small village with limited space, and incredible demand in season — but should get full credit for pursuing some creative strategies to find a workable plan. There are two parts of the problem: How do you manage spaces for visitors and shoppers to be accommodated on a rolling basis throughout the day? And what about all the people who work at village businesses, catering to those visitors and shoppers? Paid parking can be used for the first purpose — the trick is finding ... by Editorial Board

We Mark Our Ballout:Sag Harbor Village, North Haven

It’s an old adage that when voters — or newspaper editorial boards — are evaluating incumbents and challengers for elected positions, the real decision amounts to a simple question: Should the incumbents be fired? Certainly, there are times when an elected official is doing such a poor job that he or she deserves to lose it. And other times when a challenger is so strong by comparison that it makes sense to unseat the incumbent and give the newcomer a chance. The two competitive village races are perfect examples: Each of the candidates is well-qualified to serve and could well ... 12 Jun 2024 by Editorial Board

Break the Lockstep

The verdict in the Hunter Biden gun possession case came less than two weeks after former President Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 charges in his New York hush money trial, where the jury determined he broke the law, many times over, by falsifying business records to cover up, amid his 2016 presidential bid, a sexual encounter he had with a porn star a decade earlier. Likewise, it is an example of equal justice under the law in the United States, but Trump is not accepting that and has called on the U.S. Supreme Court to annul the guilty ... by Staff Writer

Sea Changes

A few months ago, The Express News Group tackled a project to discuss the past, present and future of the college campus in Shinnecock Hills, now Stony Brook Southampton. One big conclusion: The college there has had its struggles ever since the first Southampton College opened its doors in the fall of 1963. Put another way: If it weren’t for bad luck, that college would have no luck at all. And so, in the late spring of 2024, comes the latest bit of bad news: Stony Brook University President Dr. Maurie D. McInnis will be leaving shortly to become the ... 5 Jun 2024 by Editorial Board

Pride and Joy

A good event gains steam quickly from year to year. But few events have the trajectory of the Hamptons Pride Parade, which began strong with more than 1,000 participants and spectators in 2022 and has only gotten bigger in the two years since, including Saturday’s parade in East Hampton. Tom House, the Bridgehampton School educator who is president of the nonprofit Hamptons Pride, has made it his mission to preserve the South Fork’s long history of tolerance and support for the LGBTQ+ community. The parade is a visible reminder, a party of sorts, but there’s a lot of hard work ... by Editorial Board