Unwavering Commitment - 27 East


Unwavering Commitment

The pristine allure of eastern Long Island serves as a magnet for many who are drawn to the East End, and it is my hope that this allure endures through the ages. The region’s exquisite beaches, inviting woodlands that beckon outdoor enthusiasts, and vast open spaces that epitomize its rural charm are just a few of the treasures that demand careful preservation.

Among the qualities I most admire about our mayor, Chris Fiore, is his unwavering commitment to safeguarding these cherished elements. With a keen eye for detail and a remarkable ability to envision what makes North Haven uniquely beautiful, Chris is dedicated to promoting the intrinsic qualities of our land while governing attentively to the needs of its residents.

Moreover, beyond his efforts to preserve this island gem, Chris’s exceptional leadership is evident in his collaborative approach and swift responsiveness to community needs and concerns. I am thoroughly impressed by the initiatives he has spearheaded and remain hopeful that he will continue his diligent work in the upcoming term.

Donna Issenberg

North Haven