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A Bad Spot

We need cell towers to use our cellphones, and to communicate with first responders to reply to emergencies in a timely manner. However, I am opposed to the irresponsible placement of 5G cell towers.

SBA Communications has proposed construction of a 5G cell tower on Club Lane near Wildwood Road in Noyac, a neighborhood zoned residential. I request that the Town of Southampton deny SBA Communications the approval to do so.

I am also opposed to the Town of Southampton authorizing the construction of a cell tower in any residential neighborhood that would adversely impact the health of its residents.

In 2018, Elite Towers proposed to erect a tower on Club Lane, and it was defeated when residents protested, signed petitions, spoke at town meetings and wrote letters to the newspapers.

The Noyac Civic Council asked the town to construct the proposed cell tower at the town’s recycling property on Majors Path instead, as this location would serve a larger number of households in dead zones, including Noyac. The zoning at the recycling center also would allow construction of a cell tower. Residential properties in the Majors Path location are farther away from a tower’s location, and therefore will not expose residents to the health risks of a 5G tower.

Why is Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman not using the Majors Path location, and why would he think that maybe now people are warming up to the Club Lane idea?

There are many reasons why Club Lane is not a good location for a cell tower. First, consider that this Club Lane property is zoned for residential use, not a cell tower. Second, consider the health risks to those residents who live in close proximity of the proposed tower. Such 5G towers have many more antennas and must be located closer to the ground where people inhabit. The World Health Organization lists the 5G health risk as a possible carcinogen. Belgium has banned 5G because of the health risks.

The residents on Club Lane don’t want this health risk. So why is the town considering this again?

I hope that the Town Council will consider the above arguments made because of the possible negative health risks. Club Lane in Noyac is not the proper location for a 5G tower.

Elena Loreto


Noyac Civic Council


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