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A Big Thank You

To Austin J. McGuire, chief of police in Sag Harbor Village: I wanted to commend you and your Traffic Control Officers for the exemplary job they are doing in the village in these challenging times.

We recognize that keeping order in a normally chaotic summer season is challenging enough. Now these fine young men and women are having to keep order when people are under the additional stresses of a global pandemic and social unrest. And they have to do it while wearing a face mask!

I’ve been a fan of, and respected, TCOs since I was a young man and listened to stories my cousin would tell me about his TCO job in Westhampton Beach. It’s clearly a thankless job, and I wanted to take this time to send a big thank you to each one of them!

While I live in North Haven, I have been working in Sag Harbor Village as a real estate agent for 20-plus years. I get my fair share of parking summonses, and know that I deserve every one I get!

Stay safe out there and keep up the great work!

Michael Daly

Sag Harbor


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