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A Blind Eye?

Bay View Avenue has been blocked by Geocubes since 2018. This is not only a deeded road to the homeowners and landowners but can be used as the emergency access to Napeague State Park.

Ann Glennon has sent letters to the homeowners in 2019 and 2020 to remove the cubes. John Whelan stated at a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on June 4, 2019, “We got to get this road open.”

The Town of East Hampton was served in November 2020 to enforce the law. Peter Van Scoyoc, when asked in May 2021, claimed not to know anything, responding about Bay View Avenue, “It’s a road?”

Why isn’t the law enforced by our government officials? Why are rights still being violated?

A reminder: Building in the right of way invalidated the Department of Environmental Conservation permit.

Or is a blind eye being turned because this is the town’s hired agent, First Coastal, that performed the work?

Joseph Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is candidate for East Hampton Town Board on the Republican and Conservative lines – Ed.