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A Change Of Rules

After well over a decade, the Southampton School District is proposing to ban home-schooled students from participating in extracurricular activities on school premises.

The current district regulations state that home-schooled students are permitted to participate in intramural sports and other school-sponsored clubs. They also are permitted to participate in band and music lessons that are non-credit-bearing. In addition, home-schooled students have use of school facilities, such as the library, gymnasiums and career information center.

Under the proposed new regulation, all of the above will not be permitted or available to home-schooled students. Located in an already strict regulatory state, our district will go from a somewhat home-school-friendly district to completely snubbing this segment of the student population.

The parents of these home-schooled students are still mandated to pay property taxes and simultaneously are paying out of pocket to educate their own children. Why, out of the blue, is the district looking to change a decades-old ruling to discriminate against this segment of the student population? Shouldn’t the district have the best interest of all students in mind, not just the students enrolled in the district?

Lori Tutt



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