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A Community Trifecta

Yes, I am a supporter of Heart of the Hamptons, and, no, I am not a resident of the Village of Southampton. However, I was born in Southampton, raised in North Sea and now live in Tuckahoe.

I have always believed the Southampton community to be a loving, giving family. Since retiring in 2008, I have been a weekly volunteer at the Heart of the Hamptons, as well as a member of its board of directors for seven years. I give of my time because this is how I was taught.

So, it was especially disheartening to hear a vocal minority speak out against having Heart of the Hamptons as a neighbor [“Neighbors Object To Permitting Food Pantry At Former Ambulance Barn,” 27east.com, August 18]. As a 40-plus-year employee of the Suffolk County Department of Parks, I learned early on in my career that everyone loves living next to a park or parkland — they just do not want anyone to use it. Similarly, we have a group who says they think Heart of the Hamptons is a fine organization, “but, please, not next door to us.”

Just at the other end of the parking lot, the First Presbyterian Church hosts guests from Maureen’s Haven each month, from the fall right into spring. This gives many less fortunate people a safe, warm place to sleep, hot meals, companionship, and, if needed, medical assistance. Heart of the Hamptons will fit right in — both the church and HOH working together helping our community.

As Tom Edmonds from the Southampton History Museum put it so well at the Southampton Village Board meeting last Tuesday, Heart of the Hamptons will complete a perfect trifecta right in the heart of the village: the museum, the First Presbyterian Church and Heart of the Hamptons. All three providing for the community.

I ask that those residents who oppose Heart of the Hamptons moving to Meeting House Lane consider instead using that energy to support the mission of Heart of the Hamptons.

William B. Sickles