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A Cowardly Move

I have personally known Julie Fitzgerald for several years. She is a kind-hearted and dedicated Southampton Village employee who puts in 110 percent every day to serve this village.

During these already difficult times, Mayor Jesse Warren terminated Ms. Fitzgerald, stating only that his decision was “a personnel matter” [“Colleagues, Former Mayors Shocked By Southampton Village Mayor’s Firing Of Assistant,” 27east.com, July 21].

Not publicly stating the cause for her removal is confusing and cowardly. Ms. Fitzgerald served this village with great pride and dignity and deserves better. Just because it is within the right of the mayor to hire and fire personnel doesn’t mean one should put personal reasons above what is best for this community.

I believe Mayor Warren needs to apologize to Julie publicly and reinstate her as an employee. He also should reevaluate his goals and objectives as mayor. I want to remind Mr. Warren that his priorities should be to serve this community with honor and make this village a safe and beautiful environment.

In addition, Mayor Warren continues to put village residents and all visitors who come to enjoy our community at risk by choosing to not hire a needed public safety dispatcher [“Southampton Village Board Hires New Public Safety Dispatcher Following Outcry From Union Chief,” 27east.com, July 20]. As he is the only person who can raise the issue of this hiring to the board, he is able to put off the issue by not bringing it up during Village Board meetings. He instead approached Southampton Town Police to see if they would help the village, rather than hiring the dispatcher, which is not something the Town Police can assist us with.

At times, the current dispatchers have been forced to work approximately 80 hours a week, putting not only the public but also my police officers in danger. I find it disturbing that he is willing to risk the safety of village residents and all the fine people who service this community.

I have had productive conversations with all of the board members on matters concerning the village, and they are willing to do whatever needs to be done to serve this community to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, the mayor does not appear to have this same desire or goal.

I hope these issues can be addressed and resolved immediately.

Michael Horstman


Southampton Village PBA


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