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A Different Plan

I would like to thank the New York State Pine Barrens Commission for holding a public hearing on the proposed planned residential district “Lewis Road” development, formerly The Hills at Southampton planned development district, this coming Wednesday, February 19, at 2:30 p.m., conveniently at Riverhead Town Hall, 200 Howell Avenue in downtown Riverhead [“Pine Barrens Commission To Hold Public Hearing On Lewis Road Golf Course Proposal In East Quogue,” 27east.com, February 10].

I urge all my neighbors who treasure our Pine Barrens to attend and let the commission know of our appreciation for their time spent investigating the proposed golf course and ask that they consider our concerns on how this PRD will impact this very important Pine Barrens area and state-designated Special Groundwater Protection Area.

The Lewis Road PRD has similarities to The Hills at Southampton PDD (which was rejected by the Southampton Town Board) but eliminates many of the environmental extras that were included in the PDD. It also has different parameters for use of the golf course. Some differences may be better, some worse. The point is — it is different.

I believe it is inappropriate to apply a SEQRA review on The Hills at Southampton PDD proposal to this project currently before us, simply because it is proposed by the same developer on the same land.

We are lucky that the state formed the Pine Barrens Commission to oversee situations like this. I ask its members to reject this PRD proposal out of hand, based on the many issues cited in their own 15-page advisory comment memo to the Southampton Town Planning Board, or, at a minimum, to demand a SEQRA review specific to this project, which I believe is environmentally destructive to our beloved pine barrens.

Victoria Greenbaum

East Quogue


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