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A Drop In The Bucket

Over 60 residents signed letters to the Town Board supporting Concern for Independent Living’s proposal to construct 60 apartments on the property behind the church on County Road 39. They included business owners who can’t hire employees to work at their businesses, community members whose family members have had to move because they can’t find an affordable place to live here, clergy who are losing members of their churches, and others.

This small project will help relieve traffic as residents of these dwellings will no longer have to travel great distances to go to work, visit family or attend church in our local community. The old myths about higher taxes, increased traffic and “outsiders” moving in are typical dispersions that are spewed around any and all affordable housing initiatives here on the East End, which is why we are in the housing crisis we are now.

Concern for Independent Living has successfully constructed many apartments around Long Island and New York. I, and several others, visited their property in Suffolk County and were very impressed with the construction, landscaping and amenities, and were moved by what residents had to say about how grateful they were to live there. You could visit one of their properties, too.

There are nearly 1,000 people on the local waiting list for community housing here and, last heard, over 90 percent of them were local residents. A majority of the remaining 10 percent were former residents who would love to return to live and work near family and friends but were forced out due to high housing prices.

The pandemic has just intensified this crisis and these dwellings will be a drop in the bucket toward the thousands of dwellings needed to provide local farmers, fishers, artists, youth and the aging the community housing that is so badly needed.

Concern for Independent Living Inc. is a nonprofit agency committed to helping individuals and families to live in the community with dignity. I don’t see how any right-minded local resident could argue with that.

Michael Daly

Sag Harbor