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A Fiction

Having read the article about Liberty Gardens [“County Road 39 Housing Proposal Developers Release Environmental Impact Statement,” 27east.com, September 20], Ralph Fasano’s statement that most people are for this project is fictional. I attended the October hearing, and while most there were in support, Mr. Fasano brought dozens of veterans who do not live in this community — it was a show he provided.

Mr. Fasano is delusional in thinking that most people support this project, when it does not provide for our locals, it’s anyone who applies on a federal level. He also omits the fact that his other facilities are crime-ridden. The December 29, 2022, Newsday highlights the stabbing and crime at his facility and how the residents are in fear.

I don’t know of anyone in favor of this project. I know Jay Schneiderman and the Town Council have received plenty of letters against this, stating the numerous reasons why this should not happen.

Elaine Bodtmann