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A Fond Farewell

I remember the time Joe Shaw, the executive editor, and I met and found we were “regional neighbors” — and I have been pleased to observe the building and improvement additions that have taken place with the paper.

My local time has been similarly spent with teaching at the junior high and coaching the various sports of football, baseball and wrestling on various levels, as well as building the junior high art program and related activities. My association with the various “groups” of students, citizens, and acquaintances and friends over the last many years (close to 60) leaves me with many memories and pleasant thoughts.

I am pleased to bring this to you and, through you, to the many citizens who will read this and remember the times and memories.

I am now in the process of change. With advancing years and large loss of family, I find a personal change is my last option. With my son and his family doing well in Massachusetts, I will be moving there, near them, to live life out.

I will have new adventures to discover, a son and his wife (both Southamptonites) and their two children to keep my head working and my heart warm and pumping. I see opportunities and adventure still ahead of me. My memory is getting along, even in “old age,” and I look forward to time.

Lastly, Joe, you have done well for Southampton — thank you. And to my friends and readers, I think fondly of you all, and thank you for your time and warmth. Goodbye and God bless.

Also, to my many friends and acquaintances, I say you will be in my heart (keep pumping) and head (keep working) and memories (ahh!). Farewell!

The many years and students I have been in contact with have given me a sense of partnership. I am proud of that and sometimes a little anxious with the contemporary changes. But that is life and progress. But it still needs good thoughts and action.

So, once again, good work, Joe, and to my friends, I will miss you, but family is a necessity — especially for “old folks.” Good luck, you will be in my heart and mind forever.

Jim Wightman



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