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A Fresh Start

Sixty years ago, it was the top priority of this country to win the space race. Now, divisiveness and tribalism and blatant self-interest have destroyed pride in America and paralyzed what seems to be all levels of government.

And if the last Southampton Village Board meeting was any model, we see it seeping down, unfortunately, to the local level [“Southampton Village Board Clashes Over Staffing Shakeup,” 27east.com, December 13].

Housing, water quality and wastewater treatment have become matters of great concern nationally, and they are of immediate concern for Southampton Village. All of these systemic problems have a multitude of causes and a variety of solutions. Municipalities like our village must act on them.

We, as a community, cannot afford divided boards who dig in, and nothing gets resolved. It looks like self-interest to the community. Common sense and civility should come first. We have to come together, open up dialogs and compromise on solutions. We can study these issues to death, but that only postpones making hard choices and wastes taxpayer dollars.

Let this new year and new decade be a fresh start and have clear heads prevail. At the end of the day, elected officials and appointed board and committee members are stewards of the community that they swore to serve.

Joseph R. McLoughlin


Mr. McLoughlin is a member of the Southampton Village Planning Commission — Ed.


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