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A Friendly Trend

If anyone read my letter in August 2019 [“Be Like Barb”], they may remember my thoughts on being a nice person — to “be like Barb,” my sweet mother who passed in 2017. Our family mantra has always been “BLB,” to try to be a nice, kind person.

Here I am again. This time writing during the COVID-19 pandemic while sheltering in our home of over 12 years in Sagaponack.

Like many people who own weekend places in the beautiful Hamptons, we came here on March 15 with our college junior and high school senior in tow. My heart broken for my very involved high school senior. My heart broken for my 21-year-old, who should be doing college things with all of his friends.

We have tried to be extremely respectful to them and to all we encounter — to “BLB” and find positivity during this crisis.

My sons, who are not “best friends,” are actually getting along! We eat as a family every night, play games every night, and continue our obsession with watching “Jeopardy!” (we are now on repeats). We ride bikes, roller-skate, roller-blade, take walks, play tennis, and take the dog to the beach, even for 10 minutes, whenever possible. Everyone cleans (mostly), takes the garbage to the dump and cooks.

We have become closer as a unit. We are more thoughtful and appreciative because of this experience. My family is present. We are not doing our own things separately and seeking every chance to socialize outside of the house.

Don’t get me wrong — we are all looking forward to seeing our friends and family again when possible.

This brings me to the focus of my thoughts: the neighborhood walks. We have a loop around our block that people often walk, jog and bike. In the past seven weeks, I have never seen so many neighbors getting outside!

There is a constant bevy of activities — and fewer cars. It feels like a real neighborhood. About 90 percent of the people wave hello, and it actually feels friendly! Yes, I said it: Friendly in the Hamptons! I’ve seen it — people being nice at the grocery stores, liquor stores, etc.

I hold my breath and hope that when the summer comes, this trend will continue. I hope that people will “be like Barb,” respect one another — and still wave in the neighborhood.

Jenny Weiss

Sagaponack and Brooklyn


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