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A Great Lady

Ralph Fasano published gross disrespect for a great lady, Frances Genovese [“Deserve Respect,” Letters, February 1]. She is a woman dedicated to the town and village of Southampton. Her facts are always accurate, as she spends hours delving into research, and she presents her findings to the public and Town Council, which obviously upsets Mr. Fasano.

Mr. Fasano’s project is obviously not right for our community, by the many voices of homeowners and voters, so he takes a mean-spirited shot trying to ruin her reputation. This should not happen to a highly intelligent woman who truly loves Southampton and works hard to see it prosper. Her friends and colleagues will not allow it, especially from a man who does not live or vote here.

I, along with many others, have great respect and admiration for Frances. We need and thank her for her energy and hard work.

Bernice Lask