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A Great Team

I’ve plowed for the Southampton Village Parks Department for 20 years, and just like the storm where there was 30 inches of snow in February 2013, we worked just as hard for this last storm.

I would like to acknowledge the Southampton Village Parks Department for their efforts and hard work during those extreme adverse conditions. Some of our duties for snow removal include the three firehouses, police department and ambulance areas, which have to be open at all times. It also includes 13 village parking lots, six miles of sidewalks, crosswalks near schools and the business district, and bus stops.

During this storm, we were pulled away from parking lots to plow side streets. Thanks to Joe Smith and Rich Chamberlain, who always plow Flying Point Park’s lot in case of an emergency, the medical evacuation team was able to land and fly out a 6-year-old child from SYS who was seriously injured.

Thanks to our supervisor, Steve Phillips, and our team of Joe Smith, Ed West, Steve Moran, Rich Chamberlain, Mike Quick, Tom Rewinski, Nick Johnson and co-workers who were out, Vincent Brumsey and John Flick.

William Banks

Parks Groundskeeper III

Southampton Village Parks Department