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A Hate Rant

It was disappointing to see in your newspaper that silly opinion from pseudo author/journalist Phil Keith with his hate rant against our president of the United States [“Okay, Boomer …” Mostly Right, Opinion, November 21]. He tries to disguise his fake news diatribe by labeling the subject matter about baby boomers, when almost half his nasty “article” was about attacking the president.

Is it not obvious to this mean-spirited phony, who labels himself a “Conservative” (who is he kidding?), that this president, in three years, has, to name a few accomplishments, brought 500,000 manufacturing jobs back to American shores; created policies that brought record-low unemployment, with rising wages, especially among minorities; record stock market highs and 401K growth; renegotiated trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan and South Korea that better serve America; applied tariffs to China for stealing our intellectual property and flowing deadly drugs to the USA; and rebuilt our Obama-depleted armed services. None of which was mentioned by this “author.”

Instead, he uses a list of repugnant adjectives to denigrate a man who is working hard to rebuild the USA after a disastrous eight years of Obama. President Trump works for us with no pay. He donates his pay to various charities.

Lastly, as a senior citizen myself, I’ve never heard any of those disrespectful phrases that the “author” claims “smart-ass types” call us seniors. I’m sure Mr. Keith hears them — as he rightfully deserves to hear them.

John Begley



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