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A Hot Topic

Finally, some almost realistic news reporting by Kitty Merrill on May 27, when she wrote that the “police won’t be cut” [“Mayor Says Police Won’t Be Cut,” The Press, Eastern Edition, May 27].

Changes in police departments are a hot topic and certainly not just here in Southampton. The entire country has been urged to examine the current practices of our police departments and is demanding reform.

The need for structural change to policing practices and increasing departmental accountability has come from the federal government. We need more transparency and accountability in all realms of our lives.

We are not in a good place in this country as political differences and fake news run rampant; the divide in our communities continues to widen with all of the blatant misinformation that rules our media.

Can’t we all agree that change is inevitable and work toward the common good of all?

Jayne Clare

Southampton Village