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A Huge Mistake

What are Steve Bellone and Suffolk County thinking? With the construction of sidewalks on the north side of County Road 39 [“Sidewalk Construction Will Mean Regular Lane Closures for Two Years on County Road 39,” 27east.com, March 8]?

Who walks there? Why didn’t you install them in 2012, when you widened the road to make it a “super speedway” by making it two lanes east and west, a center turning lane, and a 6-inch buffer to the curb? It is a death trap.

You need to install breakdown lanes so police can patrol and pull speeding cars over.

So you are planning to have construction for two years — then followed by a repave of the entire County Road 39? What a waste of taxpayers’ money, Suffolk County employee time, and especially the impact on the traffic and trade parade in and out of the Hamptons.

Who made this ridiculous decision? Why don’t you put that money to better use — fix the mess you created in 2012. I do not think you or your engineers can solve that problem, if you came up with this ridiculous idea of sidewalks.

What about the rest of County Road 39 that does not have sidewalks? Are you going to install them where they are not?

Mr. Bellone, you and the other officials who agreed on this construction need to come out here, ride in the traffic, sit in traffic and watch the traffic. This is a huge mistake on your part.

Timothy E. McCarthy