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A Little Consideration

I have a concern that affects all of us in the Hamptons.

Many years ago, most residents knew each other, and there was a courtesy extended when one was considering any kind of improvement to one’s property. The owner contemplating such activity would pay a call on his neighbors (or at least drop a note in their mail) to tell them what was being done, approximately how long it would take, and to apologize for any inconvenience. Of course, this behavior didn’t change anything, but it made the pill of construction a little easier to swallow.

Today is another story. There is no notification, trucks pull in and out (often parking right in front of someone else’s house), and the mess that is made with the bags of eaten food and beverages is atrocious.

And then the final insult is to plop down a porta-potty right on the street level so that neighbors and their children, out for a walk or a bike ride, pass right by it every time they go out. I thought there were restrictions regarding where a porta-potty could be placed; obviously, I was wrong.

Finally, when someone dares to complain, to ask the workers if they could be more considerate and not park in front of your house with their semis or throw their garbage into the dump truck (missing half the time), or leave their cans in the wooded area between the two houses, or leave packing materials on the lawn so that the wind later carries same off to the neighbors’ houses, the homeowners yell at him for harassing their workers. No apology, no “I’ll talk to them myself,” no “let me see what can be done to make it less unpleasant for you” … nothing, except abuse.

Please, anyone reading this letter, understand that you have the right to do whatever you want on your property — all I am asking for is a little consideration of your neighbors.

Leslie Kapon



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