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A New Fuel

The article on the yacht broker who buys Co2 credits [“Westhampton Beach Yacht Dealer Promises Carbon Neutral Experience,” Business, 27east.com, February 26] is a ray of sunshine. It is good to know that the ultra-wealthy are awakening — maybe not changing, but taking some responsibility. Odd things and people need to be connected.

There is an outfit in Washington State — Redmond, where else? — that is developing hydrogen fuel cell technology. This holy grail has been largely ignored as unrealistic in the climate wars, but these people at HY Tech have an actionable business plan and a crazy smart engineer. They are beginning with retrofits for commercial trucks. If this works, surely yachts and other diesel-burning boats could be retrofitted.

The hook for all is that fuel costs are instantly diminished. Marinas are far fewer than gas stations and could have hydrogen refueling installed.

I keep beating the drum …

Amy Paradise

Hampton Bays


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