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A Path Of Action

O, decorum and fortitude, where art thou?

Since the contentious Southampton Village budget meeting, which resulted in a 3-2 vote striking down the mayor’s proposed budget, an identifiable trend is occurring where decisions are being politically motivated. While all of us are at home and practicing social distancing, there has been a clear change in dialogue with letters to the editor and social media that is directly inhibiting factual information from prevailing.

If my friends and supporters were asked to characterize me, I have faith they would tell you I am diplomatic, strategic and rational. In fact, these attributes are what my now-opponent Kimberly Allan originally admired about me.

While Ms. Allan and the Community Party have decided to partake and focus on a campaign promoting parochial cartoons and unfulfilled promises, I am choosing the path of direct and concise action. While we always were taught that actions speak louder than words, Ms. Allan’s words clearly depict a story of their own.

I have a record of attending meetings and getting involved in the community. I have faith our village will be able to see through candidates who campaign on pomp and circumstance. During this election, I know our village will support and vote for candidates who have a realistic and executable vision — but in order to continue that reality, each of us has to do their share and vote.

Joseph R. McLoughlin

Southampton Village

Mr. McLoughlin is a candidate for Southampton Village Board — Ed.


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